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  • Jul 2014 27 Sunday

    Leaving for the beautiful land of black rock city early monday morning 8/25 from san francisco. We welcome any and all adventurous souls to our lovely caravan, and ask only that you help pay for gas and rental with whatever you can.

    • Listed Sunday, 20 Jul 14
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  • Aug 2014 19 Tuesday

    Going to choose one of two routes, either Indiana-Denver-Wyoming-BRC or Indiana-Rockford-Interstate 80-BRC. Will be arriving approx two days early, and will leave on Tuesday (camp setup and teardown, so an Early Arrival Permit is necessary, or I can drop you in Reno). Smokers are discouraged. You must be 18. You must be prepared if you're a BurningMan virgin. I can help, but please do your homework.

    Going to mostly barrel on through. A few stops here and there. Can bring one bike/person. Empty water jugs until we reach NV. Need fuel cost contribution. Can meet you in Indy, or on the way depending on the route chosen, likely I-74 to Rockford, then I-80. Can take one-ways, too.

    No drugs. No drugs. No drugs.
    No weapons. No weapons. No weapons.

    Otherwise: LGBTQ/etc friendly. Can help deaf or partially mobility challenged, but you must be ambulatory and continent. I'm an experienced burner. Low drama. Can cook in the RV. Specialize in low-carb vegetarian meals. Will likely stop in Winnemucca or Reno for supplies. Early birds get the seats. Thanks.

    • Listed Monday, 7 Jul 14
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  • Aug 2014 21 Thursday

    Hiya,I'm arriving in San Fran around the 20th August-flight not booked quite yet, was waiting to see if I could jump in a lift share!

    I'm English, 25 and female. It would be ace if I could share your ride! Id share petrol costs and we can share stories along the way!
    I need to pick up a bike and some water on the way also!

    Would be great to hear form you!

    Mariessa :)

    • Listed Thursday, 26 Jun 14
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  • Aug 2014 24 Sunday

    I am a first-time Burner, with no friends to go with! I know some friends who will be scattered around Burning Man, but I'd like to meet new people to camp with. Travel dates are flexible for me, depending on who I can meet! As of now, I will be driving up there by myself, with room for one passenger in my petite four-door sedan. I also tried my best to get a ticket the moment they went on sale, but they sold out while my purchase page kept refreshing. Although I don't have a ticket or any supplies yet, I will definitely make it there, full-force, no matter what. Let's join up and make a really cool camp! We can bring lights and make a fun set-up. I smoke weed and intend to have paraphernalia around, so hopefully that will be something you are into also. I have been told I am fun to camp with and fun to go to festivals with. I will dance a lot, walk around a lot, sleep whenever, and have as much wild new fun as possible. If you or anyone you know of might fit the bill to be my partner-in-crime, hit me up! :)

    • Listed Thursday, 27 Feb 14
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  • Aug 2014 30 Saturday

    Me and one other are looking to car pool to burning man this year, can help drive and pay for expenses. Both really nice, chill dudes, who have never been to the festival and are excited to see it! if your going my number is 952  857  431  8 phoneplease text or call me. thanks :P

    • Listed Tuesday, 28 Jan 14
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  • Jul 2016 23 Saturday

    Hello, all! I am looking for a ride leaving anywhere from the greater NYC area/ East Coast and headed to Burning Man 2014. I am will be bringing very little belongings, can share the cost of gas, and can cook with very cheap and little ingredients for us all on the road! I am a trooper and great traveler and would love to skype you if you are roadtripping to the west coast anytime between the 20th of August and the start of Burning Man (25th).

    • Listed Tuesday, 1 Jul 14
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