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  • Aug 2015 20 Thursday

    First time burner. Need a ride to burning man. Will pay for gas and drive if needed.

    I don't think it matters but I'm 29 year old black male.

    Will bring all my stuff. If there is anyone experienced who wants to show me the ropes that would be appreciated.

    Need a ride there and back. Will not be mad if you want me to leave you during the week and meet up for the trip back.

    Thanks in advance

    • Listed Sunday, 1 Feb 15
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  • Aug 2015 29 Saturday


    We're 2 Australian girls, first time burners, looking at hiring a RV from San Fran to Burning Man and through to Las Vegas (Approx. drop off 09/09/2015). RV's look like they're around US$3500 but sleep 4 (2x double beds). Would be great to meet someone (or a couple) that would be happy to share expenses.

    Let us know as we'd like to book once we have tickets confirmed (waiting for the 18th of Feb!).


    ua.moc.oohay@389163erialc eMail

    • Listed Friday, 13 Feb 15
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  • Aug 2015 29 Saturday

    Hi all,

    A friend and I, two Australian guys looking share a lift with, or perhaps get an RV with a couple of people leaving from San Francisco to Burning Man on around the 28th or 29th of August. Two pretty easy going guys, hopefully you are too. We don't yet have a car pass but hopefully be able to get one closer to the date, even better if you have one.



    • Listed Wednesday, 25 Feb 15
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  • Aug 2015 29 Saturday

    First time solo burner here heading to BRC from Santa Fe, NM. If there are any other solo burners interested in a ride let me know. I am driving a Jeep Cherokee with a roof box and a trailer, so there is plenty of room.

    • Listed Tuesday, 13 Jan 15
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  • Jul 2016 23 Saturday

    Hello, all! I am looking for a ride leaving anywhere from the greater NYC area/ East Coast and headed to Burning Man 2014. I am will be bringing very little belongings, can share the cost of gas, and can cook with very cheap and little ingredients for us all on the road! I am a trooper and great traveler and would love to skype you if you are roadtripping to the west coast anytime between the 20th of August and the start of Burning Man (25th).

    • Listed Tuesday, 1 Jul 14
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