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  • Aug 2015 20 Thursday

    First time burner. Need a ride to burning man. Will pay for gas and drive if needed.

    I don't think it matters but I'm 29 year old black male.

    Will bring all my stuff. If there is anyone experienced who wants to show me the ropes that would be appreciated.

    Need a ride there and back. Will not be mad if you want me to leave you during the week and meet up for the trip back.

    Thanks in advance

    • Listed Sunday, 1 Feb 15
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  • Aug 2015 26 Wednesday


    we are two friends first time to BM from China (one chinese one italian) we have a car pass but only one driving licence so
    we'd like either to find someone with a car that can lift us up, or find more passengere that we can share the drive with.

    probably getting there with early passes for theme camp installation, but everything can be discussed - time and date
    either from sf or reno would works

    let us know if someone has matching need
    bestlooking forward!

    • Listed Wednesday, 8 Jul 15
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  • Aug 2015 28 Friday


    I'm a Female first time burner looking for someone who needs a lift to BRC to help me split the cost on Gas. I know that most would want to take a plane to Vegas, but I want to camp and not splurge a lot of money.

    Let me know if you'll need a ride and we can work something out! Please be from around Chicago or willing to meet me in the City for the trip!

    • Listed Tuesday, 28 Apr 15
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  • Aug 2015 28 Friday

    BRC FireFighter seeks ride from Reno on Friday, 8/28 any time after 3pm.

    As event staff, I'm eligible for early arrival, so I'm looking for either

    a) someone else arriving early, or
    b) one or two people interested in arriving early (I can get a few extra EA passes for my ride)

    The12 hr gate parties are fun and all, but it's nice to breeze in early and watch the city spring up around you.

    I'll be flying in from FL, traveling pretty light (2 large duffels), and am willing to pitch in on gas.



    • Listed Sunday, 5 Jul 15
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  • Aug 2015 28 Friday


    We are 3 Australian girls (who met via this site) looking for a 4th to hire a RV. We're looking for someone who has a vehicle pass (who we'll reimburse costs so everything is equal quarters).

    We are looking at departing from San Fran and following through to Vegas after BM.

    The RV that we are looking at will work out to approx. US$1100 for 11 nights total.

    As none of us have a vehicle pass, it is important that you have one.

    Hit us up if you're interested!



    • Listed Thursday, 12 Mar 15
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  • Aug 2015 28 Friday

    HI Myself and 2 other friends (all females) from Australia

    are looking for another burner to join us in our RV . We will be driving from San Fran (on the 28th) to the black rock city for BURNING MAN!!. We do not have a vehicle pass , but it would be great if you did, or we can always purchase it once they go on sale again. We are very easy going so anything is negotiable.

    Ema 24 from Sydney

    • Listed Sunday, 29 Mar 15
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