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  • Aug 2014 22 Friday

    Hi everybody!

    Looking to fill up my van with burners! I have room for 5 people (and 3 bikes) and would love to help people going.

    I would try to just plow straight through to the playa, stopping for water fill ups, food stops, and if anyone really needs a cigarette break.

    I'm not on a tight schedule, would try to get there Sunday afternoon, and leave sometime near the end of the festival.

    I imagine I'll follow 80 across, can swing this way or that a bit if you are on the way.

    Split gas down the center with anyone interested. Let's make this a true pilgrimage.

    Email me at tfeshelman@gmail(dot)com

    • Listed Friday, 15 Aug 14
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  • Aug 2014 23 Saturday

    hello :) i'm looking for a ride from colorado > black rock city for my first trip to the playa. can contribute to gas, driving, and an enjoyable journey to BRC. i can travel light, though it'd be great to be able to bring a bike and some water jugs to fill before arrival. i can also meet you in a convenient place for you!

    i'm a teacher in the default world, artist and explorer at heart. would love to journey with you...

    • Listed Tuesday, 29 Jul 14
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  • Aug 2014 23 Saturday

    Looking for a place for my gear. I will be going to Black Rock later in the week and don't have a lot of storage space. I would love to stow a couple of boxes in someones ride. My camp mates will be set up by the time gates open and so you could just drop off my boxes with them. I will happily throw in a good bit of gas money for someones help. Thanks.


    nothing illicit in my boxes (happy to have you look through them to confirm).

    • Listed Saturday, 16 Aug 14
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  • Aug 2014 23 Saturday

    Hello there's six of us coming from Ireland to burning man this year.Fortunatly I have secured a lift for four of us unfortunately this means we need a spin for two more people from San Francisco.We have tried everywhere and have become desperate . 1.these two guys are seriously a good laugh. 2. They will help with all your car needs. 3.petrol money they sure will help with that. 4.want them to sing an irsh tune or speak some Irish I'm sure that can be arranged.
    We are all virgin burners btw.
    I have all my toes fingers and body parts crossed this is the last place I can think of finding a lift :)

    • Listed Tuesday, 12 Aug 14
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  • Aug 2014 23 Saturday

    Hello out there!

    I'll be heading to the Playa this year from just North of San Francisco (but I can pick you up in the city or somewhere else nearby) and I'm still looking for a rider. I hope to leave either the 23rd or 24th (probably the 23rd). I plan to return the 1st of September.

    I've got a Volkswagen Jetta which means my ride's a bit on the smaller side..

    I'm a pretty silly girl and it's sure to be a grand old adventure with lot's of music, story telling, and carrots to munch on.

    So shoot me a message if you're still looking for a driver.

    I hope to hear from you!


    • Listed Wednesday, 13 Aug 14
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  • Aug 2014 23 Saturday

    Room for one or two sparkle ponies only. Leaving SB at 9:00 am on Saturday 23. Returning SB on Monday Sept 1 in PM. We are veteren burnings with a nice itinerary. Contact me via email or 294  955  450  8 phone. Exqiusite ride to )*( $100 each round trip.

    • Listed Monday, 28 Jul 14
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  • Aug 2014 24 Sunday

    I have a vehicle pass for anyone that can pick me up in Reno, take me to Wal Mart to shop (including getting a bike), and can transport me and my stuff to BRC. I want to get there on Sunday 8/24.

    • Listed Friday, 1 Aug 14
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  • Aug 2014 24 Sunday

    Hi there! Me and my buddy are looking for a ride from Reno to burning man on Sunday morning early, we have bikes , supplies and 1 case each. I am coming from Hawaii and my friend from oz. we are willing to chip in gas and offer great fun and conversation, email me at moc.liamtoh@llesna_einafets eMail

    • Listed Sunday, 3 Aug 14
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  • Aug 2014 24 Sunday

    Dear Burnes,

    I got totally ripped of. The group I planed to spend Burning man with, just told me that instead of 300 Dollars as originally agreed they now want 750 Dollars. Now I want to go on my own. But I need someone who can get me to burningman. Off course I would pay my share of the costs :)

    Liebe Grüße


    • Listed Wednesday, 20 Aug 14
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