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  • Sep 2015 06 Sunday


    My name is Jonathan (Lobo) and I'm hoping to get a ride home to Black Rock City no later than Tuesday evening. I come with a great smile, big heart, stimulating conversation, three bags and gas money!

    I'm grateful to be attending my 10th BURN this year.

    I have faith in community and look forward to hopefully making some new friends on our journey to Black Rock City.


    Jonathan aka LOBO

    • Listed Sunday, 30 Aug 15
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  • Sep 2015 07 Monday

    We have two cars offering rides to Burning Man from anywhere in Reno area. Grand AM seats 4 (not including driver) and other is a pickup truck seating 5 (not including driver) could possibly seat a couple also in the bed of truck. $150 per person, it'll be a fun drive we look forward to helping anyone out with. Call us or you can text us at either of our numbers: Stacey 799  303  857  7 phoneJesika 775-297-6549.

    • Listed Monday, 31 Aug 15
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  • Sep 2015 09 Wednesday

    Cheers! I missed my red eye flight today & the express shuttle... *facepalm*
    I will not be arriving at the Reno airport at 5pm. I'm 24, a DJ, and a chef.
    I will split gas & help drive if need be. The onlyyyyy thing I ask is that we stop to grab some produce before we hit the road. (I'm responsible for a pop-up dinner Thursday evening)


    • Listed Wednesday, 2 Sep 15
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  • Sep 2015 30 Wednesday


    A stranded Auzzy!! Looking for a lift from Reno to Burning man I arrive at the airport at 1030 wit me and a back pack! Bike is option I can pick it up from my friends house in Reno..:)

    Can offer beautiful Deep conversations and a host and a couch in Australia to say thank you for the ride xx

    • Listed Saturday, 29 Aug 15
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  • Jul 2016 23 Saturday

    Hello, all! I am looking for a ride leaving anywhere from the greater NYC area/ East Coast and headed to Burning Man 2014. I am will be bringing very little belongings, can share the cost of gas, and can cook with very cheap and little ingredients for us all on the road! I am a trooper and great traveler and would love to skype you if you are roadtripping to the west coast anytime between the 20th of August and the start of Burning Man (25th).

    • Listed Tuesday, 1 Jul 14
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  • Aug 2016 02 Tuesday

    We are two Miami Burners in need of a ride. We have 1 ticket for sale and are open to exchanging our vehicle pass plus gas money for a ride. We're open minded and have tons of travel stories to share. Spread the love!

    We arrive in SF on Sunday night and wanted that Monday to gather our stuff together. We’ve shipped most of our gear to friends in SF. We have a our backpacks, cooler and groceries, camping chairs, a tent and 2 bikes.

    Our departure is Sunday Sept 6th at noon. If our departure times do not coincide we will catch the express bus out.

    Hope our schedules match up!


    • Listed Tuesday, 11 Aug 15
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