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  • Sep 2014 21 Sunday

    Hi ! I ´m Rose, 27,
    I'm leaving to Brisbane or gold coast, I'm very friendly, and i like meet new people., and have fun !
    I can take your luggage and let´s go !!
    If you are interested, please, contact me
    My email : rf.liamtoh@reigoesor eMail
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    Departure for 21 of september !

    See y'a,
    Rose :)

    • Listed Friday, 5 Sep 14
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  • Sep 2014 23 Tuesday

    I'm backpacking Australia's east coast for 10 days. I'm visiting from Texas and don't have any real set plans. I arrive in Brisbane on Sept 16 at 4pm and I would like to get to Cairns to see the rainforest for a few days, then make it back down and surf the Gold Coast, then south to climb Mt Kosciuszko, and then I have to fly back from Sydney on Sept 25 at 9 PM. My dates and destinations are flexible, with the exception of my flight dates. If there is anyone who has space for me on any of these trips I would appreciate it. I'm small and don't take up much space, non-smoker and have been doing road trips all my life so I am used to driving straight through but can also adjust to multiple stops if need be. I will have one hikers backpack and a small camelpack with me. Thank you! ^_^ -Jane

    • Listed Tuesday, 26 Aug 14
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  • Sep 2014 24 Wednesday

    Great Ocean Road! The 12 Apostles road trip.
    I am planning to drive from Gosford on the Central Coast(short train ride from Sydney or Newcastle) to Melbourne via The Great Ocean road to see the 12 apostles and then back again to the Central Coast.
    I have four seats available. I am looking for some travellers to share the trip with and cost of fuel. I plan to take about 6 days for the round trip. I'll will be stopping at hostels along the way for accommodation. I'm a 26yo female so would like to share the experience with like minded people.

    • Listed Wednesday, 17 Sep 14
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  • Sep 2014 26 Friday


    I'm 25 (female) and a backpacker!

    I want to go to Brisbane and I thought, it would be nicer (and cheaper :D) to drive with a car. You see probably more of the landscape, have nice talks and music :)

    If you drive with a car, write me to ed.xmg@sekmeT eMail or call me644  546  214  0 phone ! You can find me at facebook or couchsurfing under Teelka Emkes :)

    The date is not fixed. When you drive at saturday or sunday it is good too :)


    • Listed Friday, 19 Sep 14
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  • Oct 2014 01 Wednesday

    We are offering a girl (who is willing to help with some babysitting) a lift from Sydney to Brisbane over approx a week.
    I had a Woofer who has just had to delay her trip so hoping to have someone help me for a week. It may entail a few days first at Whale Beach (Sydney) or staying in Sydney then travelling to Orange for the weekend (for a wedding) then driving back to Brisbane over 2 days. We will arrive in Brisbane on Monday 6th Oct.
    We will cover food and accommodation in return for the lift and help with the children as required (average approx 3-4 hrs/day).
    this will suit someone who likes kids and is keen to see quite a lot of Australian countryside and meet some Aussies along the way.
    Our children Alexander 7, Adelaide nearly 5 and Olivia 2 are mostly quite well behaved but I cant guarantee that on the really long stretches of driving!
    I'm a well travelled professional as is my husband who may or may not travel back with us.
    Feel free to call or Skype me if you'd like to find out more about us and the trip.

    • Listed Friday, 5 Sep 14
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  • Oct 2014 03 Friday

    Hi everybody,
    i am planing a trip to alice springs to see some great stuff like uluru, kings canyon and the kata tjuta. I like to extand the roadtrip to broome and then down the west coast! but you can also catch the train in alice springs and go up to darwin or down to adelaide if the extanded roadtrip doesnt fit you! i have 2 Seats avail., speak english and german! I'm very flexible with the date and pick up point. If you need more infomations text me!

    see ya

    • Listed Tuesday, 9 Sep 14
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  • Jan 2015 05 Monday

    Hey guys !

    I'm Anais, 24 from France. I live in Sydney since September and want to find a lift or travel buddies to buy a van.
    I want to go down to Melbourne then Adelaide via the Great Ocean Road! take my time for all the great sightseeings and do some fruit picking as well!!
    I'm flexible and open minded I want to have fun and discover the country with crazy people!
    If you are like me and want to find people we'll be nice to meet each other and find other people to join us!


    • Listed Tuesday, 27 Nov 12
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  • Apr 2015 10 Friday

    Hey, my name is marie (25), i'm from germany and i'm looking for someone who goes from sydney to byron bay around may 10. I'm very flexible with this date.
    Would be nice if someone likes to take me with.
    just write a mail to ed.oohay@nnamuhcs_eiram eMail

    • Listed Wednesday, 16 Apr 14
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  • Jun 2015 26 Friday

    Hi im Warren and im an interstate truck driver that does Sydney Melbourne that always has a spare seat. If anyone is interested you are quite welcome to hitch a ride. I am a smoker and I do smoke while I drive. I do NOT take drugs.
    Call or text on598  415  664  0 phone

    • Listed Thursday, 26 Jun 14
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