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  • Nov 2014 29 Saturday

    Hi, I'm a male (Irish Originally) in early 30's, driving home, from Sydney to Brisbane on Sat morning 29 Nov with 1 overnight stop either in Coffs / Yamba / Byron.

    Driving my 4x4 wheels up the coast to my home so let me know if you wish to join the 1000km one way trip. 1-2 people max.

    I plan to, see a few sights and have a laugh along the 1000km journey and perhaps talk fitness (and stay awake while driving!)!

    PM me if fancy a lift for smiles and petrol cost - too easy!


    • Listed Thursday, 20 Nov 14
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  • Dec 2014 01 Monday

    Hello! I'm Max, a 26 (27 tomorrow, actually!) year old guy looking for a lift up to Brisbane sometime in the first week of December. If you really hate driving, don't worry - I've got a passion for it! I'm over from Canada, so I've no vehicle of my own and will do all the driving if you don't want to, plus share in those pesky fuel costs. I'm headed up there to see some friends of mine and then up to Woodford after that. I look forward to hearing from you and doing all of your driving too!

    • Listed Monday, 24 Nov 14
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  • Dec 2014 06 Saturday

    Car: Caravan
    Beds: 2
    Route: driving up the beautiful Coast Line
    Time: in 12 days
    Departure: can pick u up on 25 Nov in Sydney.
    Arrival: will arrive in cairns on 6. December.
    Stopping on different sight seeing spots.
    It is possible for you to hop on, hop off eberywhere.

    About me: Iam a funny German 29j guy. I love it to Meer New people and listen to story. Iam no classic travel & work backpacker etc. I was here for a Business Trip.

    phone596  436  104  0 phone

    • Listed Sunday, 23 Nov 14
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  • Dec 2014 08 Monday

    Hi Guys,
    I am heading to sydney as I finish stereosonic here in brisbane. If any one is planning for the same then please let me know. Dates are flexible 8 or 9th of Dec. whichever is suintable.
    thank you

    • Listed Sunday, 23 Nov 14
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  • Jan 2015 04 Sunday

    Hi there! I would love a lift from sydney to brisbane just after the new year. Hoping to leave between Jan2- Jan5. I am a 33 year old vietnamese american. Im super nice and get along with everyone. I don't really care how many stops you need to make or how many days it will take to get there. I just want to come along for the adventure. I am willing to pay $50 for the gas cost. I hope to make a few friends from this road trip...if not, I would fly. Thanks! email me if its seems like were are the right fit. Lisa. moc.oohay@18neyugnll eMail

    • Listed Sunday, 23 Nov 14
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  • Jan 2015 05 Monday

    Hey guys !

    I'm Anais, 24 from France. I live in Sydney since September and want to find a lift or travel buddies to buy a van.
    I want to go down to Melbourne then Adelaide via the Great Ocean Road! take my time for all the great sightseeings and do some fruit picking as well!!
    I'm flexible and open minded I want to have fun and discover the country with crazy people!
    If you are like me and want to find people we'll be nice to meet each other and find other people to join us!


    • Listed Tuesday, 27 Nov 12
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  • Apr 2015 10 Friday

    Hey, my name is marie (25), i'm from germany and i'm looking for someone who goes from sydney to byron bay around may 10. I'm very flexible with this date.
    Would be nice if someone likes to take me with.
    just write a mail to ed.oohay@nnamuhcs_eiram eMail

    • Listed Wednesday, 16 Apr 14
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  • Jun 2015 26 Friday

    Hi im Warren and im an interstate truck driver that does Sydney Melbourne that always has a spare seat. If anyone is interested you are quite welcome to hitch a ride. I am a smoker and I do smoke while I drive. I do NOT take drugs.
    Call or text on598  415  664  0 phone

    • Listed Thursday, 26 Jun 14
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  • Dec 2015 30 Wednesday

    Hi there me and one other looking for a lift from Sydney either to Noosa or as close as we can get to Noosa :) two english girls from Manchester and Leicester in our early 20s. we don't have much luggage as its only a little holiday for us and the dates we can go on can be anytime after the 21st dec up till the 5th January. So please if anybody is passing that way please give me an email on moc.liamtoh@sniggiw.eihpos eMail!! Thanks :)

    • Listed Wednesday, 5 Nov 14
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  • Jan 2016 07 Thursday

    Travel Partners (Back packers) ages 25 -50

    I am looking for 2 Female traveling partners to share fuel costs. I am an easy going young 46 yr old, I have a motor home, and it's just me and my super friendly dog (Archie). I am not looking to sleaze on to you I just get on better with females. I plan to travel after the new year, and am flexible on where we travel to, when we travel, and for how long. I have traveled overseas a lot and have not seen as much of my own country as I would like, so lets see as much as we can. You will save heaps on accommodation and travel in comfort and safety. I prefer non smokers.

    email me and lets discuss it.


    • Listed Sunday, 2 Nov 14
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