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  • Feb 2017 25 Saturday

    Leaving next week. no fixed date of yet.
    Driving to Perth for work so its not a sight seeing trip.
    Approx 2 Day run.
    Ute and trailer so plenty of room. not that comfortable.
    free trip just your own expenses.
    room for 1 only.
    non smoker if possible.
    I'm 45 Male. Done this trip many times before.
    2 Days Max travel time not for the faint hearted..

    • Listed Saturday, 18 Feb 17
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  • Feb 2017 26 Sunday


    I am coming back from Sydney to Adelaide airport on Sunday 26th at 21h50 and I would need a lift to Tanunda where I live from Adelaide airport.

    Does someone go into that direction on Sunday 26/02?


    • Listed Wednesday, 15 Feb 17
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  • Nov 2017 01 Wednesday

    Travelling with a large caravan (solar powered, air-con, hot/cold water, full kitchen, toilet, shower). Have two dune buggies to explore off the main roads. Ideally looking to form a group, i've a couple spare seats, hopefully another vehicle wishes to join. Would like to spend time (couple months) seeing the sites, beaches, caves, blowholes and a lil' prospecting.
    - Open for ideas ☺
    - 36yr Aussie Male + 2 Chihuahuas
    - Share costs

    • Listed Saturday, 4 Feb 17
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