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  • Oct 2016 22 Saturday

    I am leaving Melbourne on Monday the 17th. I am going to capeyork in North QLD with a stop over in Brisbane. I only have 1 seat available . If you have any??? Please call me on086  595  104  0 phone

    • Listed Saturday, 15 Oct 16
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  • Nov 2016 06 Sunday

    Hello, I am traveling with my friend from Melbourne to Sydney around Nov 6th. We are either looking to rent a car in which case we'd love more people to join to make the ride more entertaining and defer costs of fuel or rental fee. Or if someone is already driving that route then, we would love to join! Happy to in turn help with fuel and/or expense of car. We are two easy going travelers from America looking to see Australia by road : )

    More people makes care trips more fun!

    • Listed Tuesday, 11 Oct 16
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  • Jul 2017 22 Saturday

    My name is Tinka,
    I'm road tripping to Alice Springs from Melbourne/Gippsland in a camper bus. I'm looking for 1-4 travelers to share fuel and driving. Planning to leave soon; about 22 July 2016.
    No internet so phone for details.
    Tinka 0487 866 692

    • Listed Thursday, 7 Jul 16
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