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  • Mar 2017 29 Wednesday

    Hi guys, I'm Dan from the UK. I'll be leaving Perth around March 29th heading north up the west coast. I have a six man tent which I'm happy to share and will probably stay in hostels occasionally depending on weather etc. The car's been kitted out with a fridge freezer etc so we can eat well :) I'll be visiting parks, bush walking and enjoying beach time.. looking for a travel buddy to share fuel costs and fun! I'm currently out of the country so best email to get in touch

    • Listed Thursday, 16 Mar 17
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  • Apr 2017 04 Tuesday

    I and my two friends are going to Melbourne and then Sydney in car any female driver wants a lift then it is ok what's up me on +818  660  624  919 phone

    • Listed Sunday, 25 Dec 16
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  • Oct 2018 01 Monday

    I am Poois looking for a lift from Perth to Melbourne departing on 1st October 2016 (afternoon). I have victorian License so I can drive as well.

    • Listed Friday, 29 Jul 16
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