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  • Jul 2014 28 Monday

    Will have room for 1 or 2 people so long as they don't have too much stuff. I will have completely filled the boot with my stuff but the backseat should be mostly free. a Car is insured for 25 and overs so if you are over 25 with a valid licence then this would be preferable as then we can take turns driving. If not then just someone to help with fuel costs would be appreciated too.
    Wanting to do it as quickly as possible so would prefer if we stuck to the most direct route, if theres something really awesome not too far off the beaten track I could probaly be convinced to stop and have a look.
    leaving date is flexible by a day or 2 either way if need be.

    • Listed Saturday, 28 Jun 14
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  • Jul 2014 28 Monday

    Hello everyone,

    I will be traveling from Perth to Sydney in my car this week and I am looking for some travel buddies. I will be passing through Adelaide, Melbourne and Canberra.

    I will be taking my caravan with me.

    My caravan sleeps up to 3 (or 4 people) and it has a shower, toilet and a kitchen. The caravan will be able travel buddies and I to stop and enjoy the natural scenery without having to worry about accommodation or amenities.

    I am an easy going 39 years old lawyer and I would like y travel buddies to also be easy going. The road trip to Sydney is lovely and there will be plenty of good places we can stop at to rest, swim, surf, etc.

    If anyone is interested please call me.

    • Listed Monday, 21 Jul 14
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  • Aug 2014 01 Friday

    I am looking for travel partners to road trip across Northern Australia with! Please let me know if you are interested. I am a female solo backpacker from America wanting to explore this beautiful county in one month's time. Please contact me if you have similar plans!

    • Listed Thursday, 24 Jul 14
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  • Aug 2014 05 Tuesday


    I'm a 26 year old English girl looking for a ride to Darwin. Of course I'll share costs and be the best company :) I'm outgoing and friendly and haven't got a time limited just chasing the sun.

    Please do get in contact if you have a spare seat

    I look forward to hearing from you

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    • Listed Thursday, 3 Jul 14
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  • Nov 2014 05 Wednesday

    Hey there, we Fabian and Nora (a young couple 25 and 30 years) just start our Asia and Australia Tour in August. At the beginning of November we have a camper van for rent going from Perth to Darwin. If there is anybody who just wants to join us for a while please write me an email to ed.oohay@uhhcuj_aojon eMail. Price depending on how long you are going with us. Just ask me and we will discuss a price which is fine for all of us we do not want to earn money we just want you to give a bit money for gas.

    Looking forward hearing from you soon!
    Kindest regards,
    Nora & Fabian

    • Listed Tuesday, 22 Apr 14
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  • Nov 2014 07 Friday

    Looking for co driver for drive from Perth to Mackay. Driving a manual. Must be non smoker. Towing a box trailer so room available for transporting of boxes etc. asking for a third of fuel costs. Large long range tank so no need to pay high prices across the middle.

    • Listed Monday, 9 Jun 14
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