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  • Mar 2017 09 Thursday

    Road trip Perth-Broome from March 9th

    Hi guys :)

    After 2 weeks in Philippines, I'll have 2 weeks to go up the West Cost to Broome and catch my flight back in home.
    So I want to enjoy my last 2 weeks in Oz and do a little road trip from Perth to Broome. I already know few nice places to stop !
    If you are doing the same trip and you have a seat left in your car, I'll be more than happy to share good time, stories, laught and petrol :)

    Cheers :D

    • Listed Friday, 17 Feb 17
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  • Apr 2017 04 Tuesday

    I and my two friends are going to Melbourne and then Sydney in car any female driver wants a lift then it is ok what's up me on +818  660  624  919 phone

    • Listed Sunday, 25 Dec 16
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  • Oct 2018 01 Monday

    I am Poois looking for a lift from Perth to Melbourne departing on 1st October 2016 (afternoon). I have victorian License so I can drive as well.

    • Listed Friday, 29 Jul 16
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