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  • Feb 2017 26 Sunday

    I just moved from Halifax to Edmonton and I am hoping to sell my 2001 Honda CRV to someone who wants to take it back to Nova Scotia. The Nova Scotia registration is good until the end of October 2017. It has high mileage but runs really well.

    I made it across the country in 5 days without any trouble. I had it loaded down with stuff and I still got almost 600km/tank of gas (40L tank). Big enough to camp in the back when the seats are folded down (saves you even more money on the trip back East!).

    I'm trying to sell it because the repairs it needs to pass the Alberta Out of Province inspection will cost more than it is worth. The rear bushings and front CV joint will need to be replaced but my mechanic says they still have at least 3 months of use and the vehicle is safe to drive. Brand new all season tires were installed at the end of September. Seems a shame to park this car or take it to the wreckers when she still has life in it.

    Cheaper than airfare, especially if you split with a few friends to have a car until October!

    $450 (just want to recover some of the tire money I just spent)

    • Listed Sunday, 19 Feb 17
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  • Feb 2017 27 Monday


    I have hired a car to travel from Calgary Airport to Fernie on the 27th of February (and return 6th March). Looking for someone to share and split the cost.


    • Listed Tuesday, 14 Feb 17
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  • Apr 2017 30 Sunday

    I am a 27 year old femail, looking for any one driving to nova scotia in April that doesn't mind if me and my little non-shedding dog tag along.
    The date is not set in stone so ant time really would be amazing.
    Please email me at ac.liamtoh@31emalfflow eMail
    Thank you
    Angela P

    • Listed Thursday, 12 Jan 17
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  • Jun 2017 01 Thursday


    I am a 27y old female, looking for anyone headed out east. I would have a few things to take as I am moving, including a small dog that is exactly nice and we'll trained.
    I am looking for any time frame really. And would love to help with gas and keeping you awake lol hopefully I will have my learners by then to help with driving.
    If you can help please email me at ac.liamtoh@31emalfflow eMail

    Thank you
    Angela P

    • Listed Tuesday, 3 Jan 17
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