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  • Aug 2014 01 Friday


    I will be travelling to Melbourne on 1st August (+/- 3 days) and will return to Adelaide after 4 days. No cost to share, all is on me but may need to share driving.

    Kind regards,


    • Listed Saturday, 19 Jul 14
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  • Aug 2014 01 Friday

    Myself, & my bicycle (can take apart to fit).
    Honest, clean, friendly, & easy to get along with.
    Can donate some $'s for the rideshare, & able to drive some if needed.
    Do not consume alcohol, drugs nor smoke cigarettes.
    Want to leave buy Aug. 1, 2014.
    Please call or text 335  716  331  2 phone, please leave message if no answer. I will reply.


    • Listed Sunday, 29 Jun 14
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  • Aug 2014 01 Friday


    I am looking for a lift to either Jasper or Banff depending on which direction you are headed. I am visiting Alberta for the summer and i am looking to visit the Canadian rockies! I am willing to pay a part of the gas bill (50-100$ negotiable). This can be a one way trip but a trip there and back would be preferable. If not I can find other accommodations for the trip back. ( I.E Edmonton - Jasper (or Banff) and Jasper (or Banff)- Edmonton.

    I would prefer to leave August the 2nd, in the morning or early afternoon as I would like to spend the whole day there to explore. I would love a scenic route but I have no preference as to how long the drive needs to be. I will be travelling alone and will be packing light. I do not smoke. I am 22 years old, University Student. Clean, polite.

    • Listed Sunday, 27 Jul 14
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  • Aug 2014 01 Friday

    I'm heading to penticton on or around the 1st of August. Just looking for a companion or 3. No need to pay for gas or anything just don't wanna roll by myself. I'm 24 so people around my age would be great. I drive a nice truck. Text me at 535  949  908  7 phone

    • Listed Friday, 18 Jul 14
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  • Aug 2014 01 Friday

    Driving out to Vancouver Island. Departure date is flexible. I can also take passengers who want to be dropped off somewhere along the way.
    I will be driving back around Aug 8th if you want to carpool back as well.
    I'm a University of Alberta alumni, currently working there as a research assistant. I'm heading back to Vancouver Island to visit my family.
    I drive a 1998 Volvo sedan. It has a fair amount of space for luggage in the trunk. It is a very reliable and well maintained car.
    Please email me at moc.liamg@sh.lehcar.k eMail

    • Listed Tuesday, 15 Jul 14
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  • Aug 2014 01 Friday

    Hey hey hey I'm just looking for a ride from Eugene to Sacramento, Ca on Friday August 1st! I'll supply great conversation, as well as chip in for gas! Please hit me up just a solo traveler on a journey!692  680  761  9 phone

    • Listed Wednesday, 30 Jul 14
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