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  • Mar 2017 29 Wednesday

    I am looking to go to Campbell River, BC from the Halifax, NS area the end of March. If you have a car and are travelling to the BC area I would love to car share with you and share gas expenses. Be a cheaper ride than travelling alone. If you are going to BC but not Campbell River, that is fine as well I can bus it to Campbell River from within BC.
    I am a 55 year old woman and can provide ID and references so you would feel safe travelling with me as its a long drive. I have 3 pieces of luggage that I would be taking and that is it.

    I am relocating and plane fare is just beyond my budget..

    I am a smoker but I would not smoke in your car and can go long periods without smoking ands would not do so around you.

    I am a licensed driver and would help you with driving in the easier areas like the prairies and on the highways that are not too congested.

    Flexible on the date but it could not be before the 29th of March as that is the day I would be paid.

    Thank you

    • Listed Friday, 3 Feb 17
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