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  • Oct 2014 26 Sunday

    I will be leaving from calgary early morning 5:30 on 26th October towards Kalispal...Will be stopping at Fernie...will be coming back on same day though...

    shoot me message, if you want to have share the ride...

    I have to pick some one from kalispal...Prefer choice is some one non smoker and not too much stuff to carry...


    • Listed Saturday, 25 Oct 14
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  • Oct 2014 26 Sunday


    My name is Ian, I am a 23 year old surfer from the United States. I will be driving from Darwin to Perth around the 25th 26th or the 27th depending when I can find some travellers to join me. I currently have 4 seats and am planning on making a road trip out of the move, however I can accommodate if someone needed to make the trip in 5 days or wants to see more sights along the way and do it in 10 days. I am very easygoing and flexible with the route and was thinking the coastal route would make a nice trip, however if I found people who wanted to go through Alice Springs I could be open to that. I have a wagon and can take up to four more passengers, however 3 might be more comfortable for everyone. Lots of room for luggage. I would prefer if you email if you are interested possibly and would like to meet up for lunch or coffee first before committing to the trip. Any questions just email me

    • Listed Sunday, 12 Oct 14
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  • Oct 2014 26 Sunday

    Hi I'm looking for a ride for me and my boyfriend
    We really need to get to calgary as soon as possible
    If you know of anyone please let me know thanks ciara

    • Listed Sunday, 19 Oct 14
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  • Oct 2014 26 Sunday

    I am traveling from ottawa to vancouver island the last week of october ( 27-30 depending on other riders )in my Volvo station wagon .
    I would like to make stop in Calgary overnight .
    I am looking for persons with valid driver license to share driving back but could also just take paying passenger to share expenses or packages going west that will fit in rear of station wagon.
    I will be traveling through northern ontario(not USA Route ) then lower transcanada through calgary to Vancouver and Vancouver island .I have no idea about fuel cost but shall split them equally as we travel .This is a non smoking vehicle so if you smoke it will only be when we stop for breaks

    • Listed Wednesday, 24 Sep 14
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  • Oct 2014 27 Monday

    I'm going on a road trip trip out west. Leaving Katoomba for Broken Hill via Dubbo. A few days in Broken Hill for photography then to Mildura and the Great Ocean Road for the The Twelve Apostles before Melbourne on or about the 1st November. Only $20 per day plus accommodation which will be about $30 - $40 per night depending on the hotel or airbnb. A cheap way to see Outback Australia.

    • Listed Wednesday, 22 Oct 14
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