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  • Feb 2017 25 Saturday

    Looking for a companion to split the cost of the road with. Driving trough canada not trough US. The date is set the time can be flexible. Let me know asap

    • Listed Tuesday, 7 Feb 17
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  • Mar 2017 01 Wednesday

    My boyfriend and I are seeking a ride to Vancouver, BC for April (we're very flexible on date). And we will share any travel costs. Please contact us!350  499  950  9 phone

    • Listed Sunday, 20 Mar 16
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  • Mar 2017 10 Friday

    Looking for a ride for two girls from Red Lake, Ontario to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Must be there Friday before 2:00 p.m.

    Will pitch for gas.

    THANK YOU !!

    Shannon and Sarah

    • Listed Sunday, 5 Feb 17
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  • Apr 2017 21 Friday

    Looking for someone that plans on traveling from Ottawa to Toronto can be dropped off at the Airport if thats easy for them. Anytime work before rushhour would be nice since Toronto is crazy. I will be having a 2 carry ons with me. I am going to toronto to catch another flight happening the next day to go on a busniess event for a week.

    And a drive back, does not have to be the same person. Toronto to Ottawa- April 30th.

    Please let me know the cost And I'll let you know if I feel its resonable. I am also a non-smoker but fine if the driver smokes.

    please contact by email.
    Thanks :)

    • Listed Thursday, 23 Feb 17
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  • Apr 2017 30 Sunday

    Looking for a drive back to Ottawa. I will be having 2 carry ons with me and I'm a non-smoker but I do fine if the driver is a smoker.

    I will be coming back from a business event and had my flight made to toronto and need a lift back to ottawa.

    Also looking for a ride from Ottawa to Toronto April 21st if you can do that one to that I already posted on this page for you to see.

    Please contact by email.

    • Listed Thursday, 23 Feb 17
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  • Jun 2017 15 Thursday

    Hello,my girlfriend and I are interested in a rideshare from ottawa to vancouver in mid June 2015. We are easy going,love traveling and driving, so if you are interested please call197  767  231  6 phone Shaine.

    • Listed Friday, 22 May 15
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