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  • Dec 2016 22 Thursday

    Anyone driving to Montreal for Christmas? I'd love a ride to on either Dec 22 or 23 for me and my 16 yo son. I need to get to Montreal bus station (1717 Rue Berri, Montréal) by 3.30 pm. Will share gas expenses. Can anyone help? Thanxxxx!!

    • Listed Wednesday, 7 Dec 16
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  • Jan 2017 07 Saturday

    I will like to join up on a ride to London Ontario in the first week of January 2017 as I will be starting my Winter Semester at Western, I don't mind to share some part of the gas bill.. I am a young guy in his twenties and an easy going guy that you can easily get along with... You can reach me on my email moc.oohay@enomobgo eMail..

    • Listed Sunday, 27 Nov 16
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  • Sep 2017 20 Wednesday

    My small dog and I are leaving for Vancouver, B.C. September 20th. I would like to take the US route to save on gas and time. Estimated time to arrive is 5 days later. Would appreciate sharing gas costs and some of the driving if you are licensed. I do not have a huge car Honda Civic and trunk will be pretty full. So would not be able to transport too much.

    If you are interested, you would need a passport.

    • Listed Monday, 24 Aug 15
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  • Oct 2017 26 Thursday

    I am with my buddy in Toronto and we need a lift to Calgary at the end of November.
    If you ride to Calgary we looking forward to coming with you.

    • Listed Wednesday, 19 Oct 16
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  • Dec 2017 02 Saturday

    Not set on exact date of leaving and still working out some of the details. Epic adventure awaits. Split the cost of gas. Male 32 flying to Ontario for Christmas and driving back to BC in newly acquired truck. Hoping to romanticize and see the country from the ground for once. Conquer the parries and hear some good tunes.

    • Listed Wednesday, 7 Dec 16
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