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  • Dec 2016 30 Friday

    Anyone driving to Toronto for New Year of returning there from Christmast? I'd love a ride to on either Dec 22 or 23 for me and my 16 yo son. I need to picked up from Montreal bus station (1717 Rue Berri, Montréal) at 2.30 pm. Will share gas expenses. Can anyone help? Thanxxxx!!

    • Listed Wednesday, 7 Dec 16
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  • Jan 2017 15 Sunday

    I'm looking for a ride for myself and my dog any day in mid-january from Montreal to...well really anywhere West, but at least as far as Winnipeg. My eventual destination is Vancouver but I don't mind finding other rides.

    I'm a mellow, quiet guy that hitchhikes often. I can make conversation but I'm comfortable with silence as well. I've been the driver over many highway kilometers and know the value of a good co-pilot!

    Zara is a calm yet large dog that's used to long road trips and, as long as she has space, will generally sleep through them. Her only concession is that we stop for water and pee breaks every few hours and don't have the heat cranked. I've got a blanket that will be clean to throw down if hair is an issue, her coat is white after all.

    I'll be travelling with my 50L backpack and violin case as well.

    Will pay half the gas, or whatever asked as long as it's a reasonable amount.

    Thanks so much!
    Shawn and Zara

    • Listed Tuesday, 6 Dec 16
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  • Mar 2017 10 Friday

    Hi, I am working in Northern B.C. and I have to get back to work around April the 20th, but I want to visit some peoples down south first. I wrote Kelowna, but really I could go in many other places in southern B.C, and could pick up in Ottawa or anywhere on Highway 11-17 in Ontario. We could also talk about dates. I believe I will spend 2-3 days in the area before heading North, to Prince George and than Smithers. I am looking for a driver, the ride will be a minivan, so I'd have enough room for sure, maybe 2 passengers. I did the drive something like 50 times, I know my way around. I usually do the trip in 2 days, sometime 3 days, I'm not too stress about that, when tired I stop. So I expect to arrive southern B.C. around the 12th, and Northern B.C. around the 16th. I would be expecting to divide the cost evenly. I am not sure if the ride will be smoking or not, I smoke but this isn't my ride. I love Neil young and hate techno music, hard rule: NO TECHNO, but I don't have to listen to my music and love when others bring something new.

    • Listed Sunday, 13 Mar 16
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