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  • Mar 2015 31 Tuesday


    My Name Is Karl

    I am currently in Downtown Halifax on my way to Sydney Nova Scotia to finally end up in Newfoundland

    I am ready to leave to the 31st March 2015 but tomorrow is okay also. April 1st 2015

    I hope I find someone who is going there also :)

    I am easy going love a good drive :)

    please contact me by email

    moc.liamg@1lrakyevad eMail


    looking forward to your reply

    • Listed Tuesday, 31 Mar 15
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  • Mar 2015 31 Tuesday

    I'm looking for a ride from Moline to O'Hare Airport on Tuesday morning, March 31. I'm willing to pay $30 towards gas / tolls. I need to be at the airport by 4:00 PM but I would be able to leave earlier in the day if necessary. I have one suitcase and a small backpack. I'm a non-smoker.

    • Listed Saturday, 21 Mar 15
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  • Mar 2015 31 Tuesday

    My current plan is to travel from March 31 to April 6 starting in New Haven, CT and going down to Durham, NC to stay with a friend and then take the route through Nashville and Oklahoma to get to NM. My dates are not too flexible as I have to get to ABQ by 5 pm on April 7 for an international flight.

    I have a Nissan Rogue so I can fit one or two people depending how many bags they bring since I will have all my stuff packed into the car.

    During the drive I like to stop for scenic breaks and seeing the sights of the town. I love to sing to the radio in the car so you will have to put up with that and my 80s/90s music :) I would like to have help splitting the costs of gas and hotel if we stay in a hotel.

    I hope to hear from anyone who can help me drive for any portion of the trip!

    • Listed Wednesday, 11 Mar 15
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  • Mar 2015 31 Tuesday

    Ultimately I want to stop maybe in Chicago? then Denver, then vegas if need be. I dunno. go with the flow… I'm 26. from nyc. lived in california the last 5 years i just visited here and yes drove. driving back now. trying to make this cheaper than it is. plus driving solo sucks to be honest.

    • Listed Thursday, 5 Mar 15
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  • Mar 2015 31 Tuesday

    Hey everybody.So yea driving across country sucks. Never posted on here but I can assure you I am as safe human being as they come with a sprinkle of fun. So I'm Sebsatian 26, born in NY and went to visit SoCal when I was 19… ended up getting a job while having dinner as a bartender and have been living all over california the last 7 years and I just came back to NYC for the last 7 months to visit my mother and sister. It was just too much time and needed a family fix. Anyway let me know if needed. best way is to text me @ 601  955  871  9 phone ….any question please feel free….. i do plan on taking the northern route… So I do have friends in chicago which would be our first 12 hour ride. figure spend the day there. mind you we would NOT have to pay for hotel or shelter being that my buddy is a great guy who owns a loft right by the lake in th heart of Chicago… then after i would like to make it to denver. thats another 15 hour trip >,< …… i have some DJ friends up out there so I'm HOPING they would not mind letting us crash so we don't have to spend money on shelter… that chance is about 50/50 … i would like to spend a day out in denver as well i heard its a pretty fun city. medicinal and recreational marijuana also? lol shit denver def sounds like some fun. - side note: not a stoner at all. like to smoke maybe once or twice every two weeks but then again ""when in rome" right haha.. after denver i imagine we could make our way to las vegas where my old roommate lives. we are on awesome terms and i can say easily she would have no problem lietting me crash there… just depends if she likes you. i know vegas and california is just another 4 hours and we could make it with a stretch of a last trip but i def want to see my old roommate and enjoy sun on th away. I'm trying to have a RELAXED trip across country. i DO NOT want to be rushed and rushed and rushed because thats when things go wrong. i can fit with on person about 4-6 suitcases of course not all full sizes. duffle bags work wonders FYI. and learn to pack to make your suitcases fit as much as you can. ROLL instead of FOLD. youtube has great videos. anyway.. if you have instagram : Technomademedoit …. like i said I'm laid back cool relaxed. but do not take fondly to people trying to take advantage of me or trying to fuck me over. hope we can help each other out! would just like to take turns on gas and shelter as much as we need it. lets enjoy a nice fun filled trip full of scenery, great music (I'm a music freak as my hobby and a sound engineer as my day job), great conversation and yea just good vibes. hope to hear from you soon

    - sebastian

    • Listed Saturday, 7 Mar 15
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  • Mar 2015 31 Tuesday

    Hi guys,

    We are two backpackers (Lisa, 22 years old and Baptiste, 24) planning to leave Perth end of March or beginning of April. We are offering a lift for up to 2 travel mates in our Mitsubishi Magna station wagon.

    We have all the cooking and camping stuff so you just need to bring your own tent and sleeping bag. We are not in a rush and will be happy to visit as much as possible and drive to any points of interest. We just need to be in Melbourne on the 24th of April.

    If you need a rideshare and you are interested in sharing fun and costs, just send me an email or message (+492  101  234  16 phone) and let the trip begin!!!


    Baptiste and Lisa

    • Listed Thursday, 12 Mar 15
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