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  • Mar 2015 28 Saturday

    Traveling from Auckland to Whangamata the annual Beach Hop/Classic car show on either late Friday, 27th March or Saturday, 28th in the morning - negotiable.
    Leaving from Parnell just east of the CBD, but might be able to pick you up from Britomart or Newmarket. Space for up to 2 passengers.
    I am going back to Auckland on either Saturday or Sunday, so if you would just like to get out of Auckland, visit the beach for a day or just want to see lots of classic cars then either txt or contact me here.

    Your mode of transport will be a late '72 Dodge Charger. $40 for petrol (one way) for one person, or $30 each if i find 2 passengers.


    cheers, Dan - TXT O2I I66 3O2I

    • Listed Tuesday, 17 Mar 15
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  • Mar 2015 28 Saturday


    i am manolo from austria and will arrive brisbane in the morning.
    First time ever in australia.

    well, i am looking for a ride down to port macquarie to visit some friends.

    anybody driving down???

    greetz manolo

    • Listed Thursday, 19 Mar 15
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  • Mar 2015 28 Saturday

    I will pay any amount it is a emergency and very important to me. My brother was in a accident in nova scotia and is now in a coma. With nobody there but a few of my friends.   I need a ride for me and my dog from Edmonton to nova scotia. Anywhere close to Truro  my dog is fully trained for long trips and I will pay any amount or work or whatever it takes to get me and my dog there as soon as I can. Please get back to me as soon as anyone can this is the most important paragraph I've ever written Evan 995  123  378  51 phone

    • Listed Tuesday, 10 Mar 15
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  • Mar 2015 28 Saturday

    My name is Cyril I m looking for a lift to go to Broome,I would like to leave around beginning of april.
    I would like to have time to see the good spot on the road, so have time to enjoy.
    You can contact me by mail or phone640  251  074  0 phone
    I will be happy to share gas and all you needed just let me know.


    • Listed Thursday, 26 Mar 15
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  • Mar 2015 28 Saturday

    Hi !

    I am looking for a ride from Toronto to Regina between march 28th and march 31st.

    If you just leaving Toronto toward west, going on the US side, it's fine for me too, just tell where you go and I will manage !

    I can contribute for the fuel.

    Thank you !

    • Listed Monday, 23 Mar 15
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  • Mar 2015 29 Sunday

    We are three friends looking to visit atlanta and new orleans and our first stop would be atlanta.We are in boone area but we dont mind going somewhere close.So if you wanna join we have lots of gas money!!

    • Listed Sunday, 22 Mar 15
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