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  • Oct 2014 24 Friday

    Hi there,

    If anyone is chasing a lift to Sydney feel free to contact me. I'm 38, easy goin and just want some company for the journey so I'm not bored shitless!

    • Listed Thursday, 23 Oct 14
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  • Oct 2014 24 Friday

    my name is Allie. I am from Belgium. I'm looking for a lift from alice to darwin on the 24th October. I don't have my driver license, but if you're looking for someone to split the costs and to do a great roadtrip, I'm your person. I'm a very flexible and relaxed person. I can speak dutch, french, english, spanish and german.If you have a seat left in your car, please contact me on this number794  374  154  0 phone.

    • Listed Tuesday, 14 Oct 14
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  • Oct 2014 24 Friday

    Hi, i'm driving from napier to wellington in a day in between friday and sunday..
    I ve only got one more seat..
    Send me an email and we will talk about the details

    • Listed Tuesday, 21 Oct 14
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  • Oct 2014 25 Saturday

    Hello! Two people and one (medium, calm) dog looking to add a passenger for our trip to seattle. We are just getting done working the season at Yellowstone National Park and are starting a road trip along the west coast. We are looking to do two days of driving. 7 hours to Missoula, stay in a cheap hotel, then 7 hours to Seattle. There will be room enough for a reasonable amount of luggage from our passenger. Maybe a suitcase and backpack something like that. We are both smokers. We would also love it if you have something to listen to, as we are getting burned out on all my cd's. NPR and books on tape are rad I just dont have any :) I figure we'd just split everything three ways but that is negotiable. Please contact me through email.


    • Listed Wednesday, 24 Sep 14
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