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  • Jan 2015 29 Thursday

    Hi, I have 2 free seats left for Australia Day Brisbane ---> Byron ---> Brisbane. I am also going to Nimbin if needed.

    5am departure! Share fuel - depends how many people total.

    Fastest highway route.
    Luggage capacity is average.

    Also return evening back to Brisbane.

    Sage from Australia.

    text or phone:472  241  804  0 phone or ua.moc.oohay@1ssoregas eMail

    • Listed Saturday, 24 Jan 15
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  • Jan 2015 29 Thursday

    Hey guys,

    I am on my way back home but making first a stop at the Gold Coast.
    Because i think it is totally over expensive to catch the train i would rather give you the money than spent it for the train. I am a very handsome guy who likes to talk!

    So when you are on a ride from brisbane to Sydney or something down there and can let me out at the gold coast i would pay the petrol for that trip :)


    • Listed Wednesday, 15 Oct 14
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  • Jan 2015 29 Thursday

    Hey beautful travellers :)
    I'm heading to Coff's Harbour early Thursday morning, with a hopeful stop in the Gold Coast by Saturday night.
    I have a car, with enough space for 1 or maybe 2 people.
    Look forward to hearing from you! :)
    0466 489 900

    • Listed Monday, 26 Jan 15
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  • Jan 2015 29 Thursday

    Hi guys , we're an australian couple mid 30's looking to carpool from vancouver to lake Louise. Happy to contribute petrol with someone with a reliable ride. Departure date flexible but after the 26th. Looking to stay in lake Louise for 2 days then need a ride to return to Vancouver. Give us a holla. We look forward to our road trip.

    • Listed Monday, 19 Jan 15
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  • Jan 2015 29 Thursday

    Needing ride home urgently! The date is not written in stone. It's me and my cat going to Louisiana. I do have things to bring along, but not even an entire rooms worth. Working to save funds towards moving. Non smoker, cat travels well. Again, urgently needing assistance! Will be turned out in the street if I don't find a way home.

    • Listed Monday, 15 Dec 14
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