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  • Mar 2017 25 Saturday

    I am traveling home with my horse from the Jamestown, TN area to Tampa. Will be driving through Atlanta and then on south. Non-smokers only. Help share with gas and good company hopefully!

    • Listed Monday, 16 Jan 17
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  • Mar 2017 25 Saturday

    Hey there,

    I'm heading from Portland down to SF on Sat 25th March. I need to make the journey in one day, so will be leaving pretty early (around 7am probably) and driving throughout the day. Would very much appreciate some company, and sharing some of the gas costs wouldn't go amiss either ;)

    I'm a friendly, laid back, gay British guy. 26. Let me know if you wanna ride!



    • Listed Friday, 17 Mar 17
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  • Mar 2017 25 Saturday

    - Leaving Taos Ski Valley early Morning. on March 25th. Driving from Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico to Lincoln, Nebraska

    - Taking the shortest routes/ looking to split gas

    - Driving a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado with plenty of room

    - I'm a 22 year old College Male traveling across the country to San Francisco. I can accommodate up to 2 extra Passengers.

    - Contact me through email - moc.liamg@jgcnivaG eMail

    -If Interested I am also driving
    - Lincoln Nebraska- Rock Springs Wyoming/ March 17th Afternoon
    - Jackson Hole, Wyoming- San Francisco California/ March 19th Sunday
    - San Francisco California- Las, Vegas/ March 22nd
    - Las Vegas- Taos, New Mexico/ March 23rd
    - Taos, New Mexico- Lincoln Nebraska/ March 25th

    • Listed Sunday, 5 Mar 17
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  • Mar 2017 26 Sunday

    Hi, my fiance and I are looking for a lift from Boston to Philadelphia on the 26th March, and are happy to leave from around 9am, or whatever time after that which would be best for you. We're very easy going and friendly, and don't mind which route is taken. We both have very large backpacks, and then one small bag each, and we are currently on a round the world trip, which we have been doing for the past 7 months. The best way to contact us would be using my email, and we're happy to split the cost of fuel.

    • Listed Thursday, 23 Mar 17
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  • Mar 2017 26 Sunday

    Leaving Canberra (Civic) Sunday 26th April 17:00.

    Arrive Newcastle around 10pm.

    Return trip > leaving Newcastle Monday 27th April 17:00.

    Arrive Canberra around 10pm.

    One seat up for grabs, new 2016 ute, plenty space available in the tray for luggage etc.


    • Listed Thursday, 23 Mar 17
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