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  • Dec 2016 10 Saturday

    I will be driving a comfortable Ford F150 truck to Chicago Saturday morning (12/10/16) with animals (5 cats and 1 small dog in carriers in the cab; 2 larger dogs in the truck bed in carriers). I intend to leave fairly early Saturday, stopping only for gas. I can accommodate one friendly passenger and some belongings.

    Non-smokers only. No charge, I just ask for friendly companionship to keep me awake (meaning, no naps). I am happy to drop you off within 30 miles of Chicago or within a reasonable distance of I-65 if your destination is North of Indianapolis.

    Please text me at 682  484  221  3 phone(Greg) if you're interested.

    • Listed Wednesday, 7 Dec 16
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  • Dec 2016 10 Saturday

    One way trip to a XMas party. Not sure when I'll go back.
    Leaving sat afternoon from New Canaan, arrival in or near Boston before 6 pm.
    About a 3 hr trip. Room for up to 3 passengers and luggage.
    e-mail contact please, with full contact and address info.
    I'm a non-smoker, and there is no smoking in my car.
    Make me an offer.

    • Listed Tuesday, 29 Nov 16
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  • Dec 2016 10 Saturday

    leaving within a week or so

    Going to stop and enjoy the west coast, maybe enjoy it slow or go fast could take a few days to do or 4 or so. I have to be in Cromwell on the 13th

    I have a car with 4 seats subaru, looking for people to enjoy company and share the trip.

    i am going to work in cromwell.

    Msg me if interested, let me know what your thoughts are, I'm open to ideas and easy going.

    I am in bleinheim at the present. and I could make it to queenstown aswell
    Share gas costs

    • Listed Saturday, 3 Dec 16
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  • Dec 2016 10 Saturday

    I'll be driving a yukon. Very comfortable. I also have a condo on the beach.
    Just pitch in for Gas. Perhaps take the wheel for a spell.
    If you interested in taking the scenic route... that would be fine.

    • Listed Saturday, 3 Dec 16
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  • Dec 2016 11 Sunday

    I am a senior lady with a good sense of humor who is looking for a ride west from Bristol, VA to spend Xmas with my children living in Las Vegas. Anyone headed west - my daughter can pick me up on your route if it doesn't go though Vegas - say on I-40 - or in AZ, UT or NM?? Why drive alone when we can share snacks, jokes, expenses and I can even drive some. I promise to drive within the lines and to be on my best behavior :>) Flexible with dates as long as I can get to Vegas before Christmas. Thank you!

    • Listed Monday, 28 Nov 16
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