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  • Oct 2016 26 Wednesday

    I am looking for a ride from Michigan to Atlanta. I need help. I have very little money. Please help me. Thanks. Please call or text me at 1-965  953  564  6 phone- Lars.

    • Listed Wednesday, 19 Oct 16
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  • Oct 2016 27 Thursday

    Hi I am 25 yr old girl relocating to Cairns. Looking to share costs of Petrol, accommodation also have good company preferred other females. I am happy to discuss pick up location if you are along the way. Please email Me to chat about the trip.

    • Listed Sunday, 23 Oct 16
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  • Oct 2016 27 Thursday

    Hi. My name is Anneth. I am from the Philippines. I am arriving in Oslo on the 24th of October and plan to go to Tromso any day after 25th.

    As I am on a tight budget, I wonder if there is anyone driving from Oslo who is heading to the north and who would take me as a passenger. I can take turns to drive, I can help a little bit for gas, I could share coffee or food.

    Kindly let me know. FB: Anneth A. Bun-as



    • Listed Monday, 17 Oct 16
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  • Oct 2016 27 Thursday

    First I should say I'm passing through Calgary on my way to to Nelson, just past Alberta. I'm moving out there for the winter so I will have a lot of stuff. Another 8 hours or so from Nelson and your in Vancouver. I have very limited space, and I only have room for 1 passenger. I would be most likely be camping along the way to save money. I would be going through Canada most likely, not the US route. I like rock music and good conversation. I would expect the passenger to pay 50 of gas costs; so every other tank. I don't need to get there super fast but I would like to get there in 4 days, so thats 4 full days of driving. I also don't mind stopping on the way if theres something worth checking out and to split up the drive.

    Shoot me an email if your interested.


    • Listed Tuesday, 11 Oct 16
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