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  • Sep 2016 27 Tuesday

    My name is Neil
    I am planning to travel from Melbourne up to Darwin. Looking for 3-4 people to join and share fuel and driving.
    I would like to leave early this coming week, Tuesday or Wednesday.

    • Listed Saturday, 24 Sep 16
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  • Sep 2016 27 Tuesday

    Hello free spirits and friendly strangers.

    Here is the itinerary.
    Minneapolis--Chicago--Detroit--Niagara Falls, New York--Poultney--Vermont, Gilford, NH

    I'm a laid back, down to earth mid-twenties lady. I'm a writer, so if you drive I have time to do that and look out the window. When I'm driving, you can do whatever you want as long as its not illegal! We'll split the hours. We'll be in a RAV 4, 2001.

    I am making the move from Minneapolis to New Hampshire. This means, I'm traveling with a lot of stuff including my dog and pet rat. You should be ok with that and have one small bag to travel with. I have my passenger seat open for a driving partner/adventuring type who's up for driving about 3 hours per day (we'll be doing 6 total).

    I plan on camping, Air BnB rooms, and spending a night with a friend in Detroit. If you join, we'll be splitting gas costs and accomodations. It should be about 100 each round trip! I can offer you a free flight from NH to another destination in the US (as long as you prove to be a stellar travel partner).

    • Listed Monday, 12 Sep 16
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  • Sep 2016 29 Thursday

    Male driver leaving between 27 Sept - 15 October 16. Must be willing to share gas expenses. If you know how to drive a standard it would be a bonus but not necessary. Please call 838  140  831  6 phone.

    • Listed Thursday, 22 Sep 16
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  • Sep 2016 30 Friday

    Hi I am looking for a driver and someone looking to get to Ontario Canada. My destination is Ottawa, Ont. Leaving Calgary Alberta Canada. Fixable dates can be made if needed to accommodate your trip. Please call me at 242  700  430  4 phoneor email at moc.liamg@hcsubkr eMail if you have any questions. My name is Ron. Must have drivers license to drive the car. I can't drive due to medical reasons. But I need to get there. Thank You

    • Listed Thursday, 4 Aug 16
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