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  • Feb 2016 08 Monday

    Heading back to columbus oh from new york can drop you along the way anywhere out eat for 75 anywhere else for150 florida,north carolina ,newyork etc trying to leave soon contact me at 792  863  741  6 phone

    • Listed Sunday, 7 Feb 16
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  • Feb 2016 09 Tuesday

    I need a ride to El Paso from Britton, will do anything to get there and I could
    Help pay for gas if you want, I need to be there by the 3rd i want I leave the 2nd
    Thanks :)

    • Listed Tuesday, 2 Feb 16
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  • Feb 2016 09 Tuesday

    I am looking for the ride from Banff to Invermere or this driving direction - anything city on this way.
    I am from Czech Republic and I will be in Banff for the Biathlon on the weekend.
    And I am looking for the ride for February 8th or 9th or 10th.
    Thank you very much.

    • Listed Friday, 5 Feb 16
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  • Feb 2016 09 Tuesday

    Leaving Chicago (near-north side) on Tuesday, Feb 9 and driving to Boulder, CO. Looking for someone to do part of the driving (it's a Prius) and pay for part of the gas.

    • Listed Thursday, 21 Jan 16
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  • Feb 2016 09 Tuesday

    I m looking for a travel partner; I m travelling Qld and back, will go by Byron B and brisbane, along the NSW coast. taking time camping on the way with my van or a tent. I have an open departure date.would prefer to leave from Newcastle, but can from sydney if i m around. I m more interested to found someone to go along with to enjoy the trip, simple and genuine person.
    I m 44 y o french male.

    • Listed Wednesday, 3 Feb 16
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