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  • Nov 2015 24 Tuesday

    My boyfriend and I are doing a trip out west for a few weeks over thanksgiving break, he's from Australia so we are trying to cover as much ground as possible! We are booked to stay in Las Vegas the night of the 23rd (November, a monday) and so ideally would like to leave on the 24th and head toward Flagstaff area, or even Phoenix area would do! Happy to pay for gas and buy some snacks for the road, or whatever the driver sees fit! We would probably only have one bag with us, most likely a backpacking backpack. We're both really easy going people and get along well with everyone!

    • Listed Tuesday, 22 Sep 15
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  • Nov 2015 24 Tuesday

    I will be departuring on the 23rd or 24th of November.
    I ll try to get there before Wednesday of that week.
    I will be taking one passenger since I drive a toyota corolla
    I am a recent college graduate trying to get over there for thanks giving.
    I expect us to be sharing the gas fare and maybe driving.
    No smoking please.
    You may contact me through email.

    • Listed Thursday, 10 Sep 15
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  • Nov 2015 25 Wednesday

    Los Angeles to Denver (RT) for Thanksgiving 2015.

    Leaving Los Angeles mid morning on Wednesday, returning to Los Angeles on Sunday morning. Driving straight through with stops for gas/restroom only.

    Room for one passenger and reasonable luggage.

    Want licensed driver to share driving responsibilities.

    Ideal for college student, but all are welcome to inquire.

    I am a professional in my 40s. Easy going and responsible. I reserve the right to refuse anyone based on my evaluation of our compatibility.

    Split cost for gas only.

    Non-smokers only.

    New BMW M235i coupe.

    Please email inquiries: moc.liamtoh@nevetsrevned eMail

    • Listed Friday, 7 Aug 15
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  • Dec 2015 08 Tuesday


    I'm looking for a ride from the east side of milwaukee to THE 1975 concert at the riveria theater in chicago on december 8th! i can pay for a share of gad any parking!


    • Listed Saturday, 3 Oct 15
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  • Dec 2015 08 Tuesday

    After I finish my volunteer stint in El Salvador, I'm traveling up through Mexico and California to see the sights and visit some friends, all on a tight budget.

    I'm in no rush to get anywhere, just want to go cheaply and safely. My dates are flexible and estimated, at this point, so a few days later would work, too. I've never been to the West Coast, so I'm down to see the scenic routes (but also okay with a quick trip).

    I am one person, and will likely be carrying a backpack and a ukulele, hopefully nothing more than that.

    Portland is my final destination (as far as the West Coast goes), so no need for a return trip. Considering the distance between Portland and SF, I'm also okay with ending up somewhere in between, so long as I can catch a train or bus the rest of the way.

    Email or text is best! moc.kooltuo@trahenirrj eMail/243  610  906  2 phone.
    I don't smoke, I can more or less drive a stick (interested in learning more), and am happy to share driving time.

    I'd like to pay less than what Amtrak would charge for the train ($86). A fuel cost calculator online estimates between $63-95, for a car with 30 mpg & 20 mpg, respectively. If you're already headed that way, I'm happy to pay $40-50.

    • Listed Monday, 5 Oct 15
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  • Dec 2015 19 Saturday

    I am looking to travel with someone from Chicago to Mexico City any time late on the 18th of December up to Dec. 20 or even 21. I'm 57 y/o, pretty low maintenance, and all-around good soul.

    • Listed Sunday, 4 Oct 15
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  • Dec 2015 23 Wednesday

    My partner and I are two Australia students, non-smokers. Looking for a lift from Seattle to Portland on the 23rd, preferably as early in the morning as possible. We will have 2 suitcases.
    Promise to provide fun conversation and split pertrol costs :)

    Please email me if you can help us!

    • Listed Thursday, 18 Jun 15
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  • Dec 2015 28 Monday

    We are looking for a ride from Jacksonville, Florida to New York around the 28th of December, but the 2nd, 3rd or 4th of January would also work for us. Our flight back to The Netherlands leaves on the 5th of January from JFK.
    We do have quite some stuff with us. In total: 2 people and our lovely dog Opa (well mannered and we have a blanket where he can sit on. 2 suitcases, 2 guitars and a bench for the dog that we can take apart, but still is pretty big ;-/ It usually can fit in a trunk of a car and then we put the bags in the bench.
    We're nice people & check out our music and video's on www.mattanjabradley.com
    Hope we can make it work!
    Thanks ;)
    Mattanja, Yori & Opa

    • Listed Saturday, 12 Sep 15
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  • Jan 2016 06 Wednesday

    I'm planning on visiting a friend in NS! My dates aren't set in stone so email me if you are even going part way around early January! I can't drive and don't have a car, but would be more than happy to split costs!

    • Listed Friday, 17 Jul 15
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  • Jan 2016 30 Saturday

    I need a lift to florida from central Missouri. I am bicycle touring and need a lift to get started in Florida.
    Can leave anytime between middle/late January until end of February.

    • Listed Tuesday, 1 Sep 15
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