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  • Dec 2015 13 Sunday

    Princeton University to Arizona State University
    (Approximately 2478 miles or 37 hours spread over 3.0 days)

    Overnights and Points in-Between:

    ►12/13 (SUN): Princeton University to Vandalia - Illinois
    Approx: 847 miles over 13.0 hours with 3 fuel/food stops.
    ●Search Google Maps: Princeton, NJ 08540 to Vandalia, IL 62471 for Exact Route

    ►12/14 (MON): Vandalia - Illinois to Amarillo -TX
    ●Approx: 827 miles over 12.0 hours with 3 fuel/food stops.
    ●Search Google Maps: Vandalia, IL 62471 to Amarillo, TX 79109 for Exact Route

    ►12/15(TUE): Amarillo - TX to Phoenix - AZ (NJ)
    ●Approx: 791 miles over 11.5 hours with 2 fuel/food stops.
    ●Search Google Maps: Amarillo, TX 79109 to Phoenix, AZ 85044 for Exact Route

    NOTE: I can take you all the way to AZ or,.. I can drop you OFF along-the-way :-) But, this is NOT a Door-to-Door car service so, -have a friend pick you up or, thumb your transfer :-/

    The Car can accommodate ONE passenger and a medium sized duffel bag.
    If you smell like, you haven't taken a shower in a while,... -you're not getting in the car
    NO Smoking (Cancer Survivor on-board; if I can smell it on you, I'm leaving you there).
    NO Alcohol (I am not your cross-country designated driver).
    NO Drugs (Illegal or Recreational; we will NOT be passing though Colorado).
    NO Pets (Shedding, Drooling, Bad Breath and,... Dog Farts).
    NO DRAMA ( ...pick a fight and, --you can pick another ride ).

    I typically stay at IHG 'brand hotels,... 2-full beds,... Warning: I snore (BYO Earplugs).
    If you don't have a Driver's License, don't worry,... you won't be driving anyways :-)

    However,... Any HELP with GAS would be NICE ▸ Your Meals are your responsibility.

    A USB-A Charger is available for your cell phone, laptop, kindle,... whatever. Music can be on a CD or Flash Drive. NO Classical, Country, Metal or (c)RAP :-(

    Interested? Let's start talking,... --It's a LONG drive,... no room for a grumpy passenger :-P

    • Listed Wednesday, 28 Oct 15
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  • Dec 2015 15 Tuesday

    I need to get from Detroit to Manitou Beach.

    I am picking up a vehicle to drive to Florida.

    I'm happy to pay for gas/food, etc.

    Its about 80 miles or so according to Mapquest.

    Its a trip I make fairly regularly so I'd love to connect with someone I could in theory, hire for a regular ride.

    Feel free to text me at 321  869  521  9 phone.

    Please let me know!



    • Listed Thursday, 26 Nov 15
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  • Dec 2015 16 Wednesday

    I am looking some one to go to Chicago on this date. I can share the gas if needed. I will have two luggage. Let me know if you will travel to Chicago on this date or if you know someone that will do it. I am studying at Iowa University if you need talk to me.

    • Listed Wednesday, 4 Nov 15
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  • Dec 2015 18 Friday

    Rexburg - Knoxville
    $140 RT or OW

    Depart: Thurs. Dec. 18 @ 2 pm and stop in Harriman Utah for about an hour to attend a friend’s reception.

    We will then stay the night in St. George and attend a wedding the next day Sat. Dec.19, from 10am-2pm. After that we will drive non-stop on I-40 heading east to Knoxville.

    Knoxville - Rexburg
    Depart: Sun. Jan. 03 around 2 pm and will be back late Mon. Jan. 05.

    (Greyhound costs $400 RT and takes nearly 2 and 1/2 days to get to Knoxville so carpool = pretty good deal)

    Call or Text Nephi @ 884  244  280  2 phone

    • Listed Friday, 13 Nov 15
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  • Dec 2015 19 Saturday

    I am looking to travel with someone from Chicago to Mexico City any time late on the 18th of December up to Dec. 20 or even 21. I'm 57 y/o, pretty low maintenance, and all-around good soul.

    • Listed Sunday, 4 Oct 15
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  • Dec 2015 19 Saturday


    We will be leaving from a friend’s wedding at 2 pm in St. George Utah before heading East on I-40. No stops, just drive all the way through. Can pick you up in Las Vegas or any other city along I-40. Call or Text Nephi 884  244  280  2 phone

    • Listed Friday, 13 Nov 15
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  • Dec 2015 19 Saturday

    Hi Im sharing my ride with another passenger willing to share gas expenses. Could be half way or all the way. Kitesurfer or surfer preferably. I am planning to get to La Paz ( Mexico) in about 4 nights. A responsible driver would be appreciated.

    • Listed Thursday, 12 Nov 15
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