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  • May 2015 22 Friday

    I'll be going back up to Michigan and I will be leaving the 22nd or 23rd of May. I'm going to try to get there in two days and I'll be taking the highway. I can fit 6 people besides myself in my van and there is a trunk for your luggage. You can contact me at moc.liamg@95yakcm.htiek eMail Oh! and I'm not a smoker so please, no smoking in my van. How much you would paid can be discussed when you contact me. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon! Juliana

    • Listed Friday, 13 Mar 15
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  • Jun 2015 05 Friday

    Wanting someone to share round trip ride from or proximity to Detroit Michigan or Toledo Ohio. I am getting a rent a car and would like some help with driving and gas. i will drop you anywhere in the radius of 50 miles near detroit or toledo and pick you up. you must go both ways. from June 5-June 16 or some time in June for 10 days.please contact asap at 886  735  323  8 phoneor moc.oohay@61nosnevetseinnob eMail thank you

    • Listed Thursday, 12 Mar 15
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  • Jun 2015 06 Saturday

    Going to Toledo Ohio or Detroit Michigan, I am renting a small economy car and want a driver to help drive and share expenses for rental and gas. Any where in the proximity is okay. from June 5th morning returning on the 13th to be in Houston on the 14th. approximate miles 1159.

    Bonnie Stevenson
    886  735  323  8 phone

    • Listed Saturday, 14 Mar 15
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  • Jun 2015 07 Sunday

    I need a ride from Chicago to Denver June 7th or 8th. I have money to split gas with you and i'll also split driving with you if you want. Pleassse i know someone wants to go to Colorado (:

    • Listed Friday, 23 May 14
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