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  • Aug 2016 02 Tuesday

    We are two Miami Burners in need of a ride. We have 1 ticket for sale and are open to exchanging our vehicle pass plus gas money for a ride. We're open minded and have tons of travel stories to share. Spread the love!

    We arrive in SF on Sunday night and wanted that Monday to gather our stuff together. We’ve shipped most of our gear to friends in SF. We have a our backpacks, cooler and groceries, camping chairs, a tent and 2 bikes.

    Our departure is Sunday Sept 6th at noon. If our departure times do not coincide we will catch the express bus out.

    Hope our schedules match up!


    • Listed Tuesday, 11 Aug 15
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  • Aug 2016 04 Thursday

    I will be traveling to N.C. First week in Aug. 2014. I have driven the route once myself, I did it in 3 days. Would love to share expenses and driving time. Looking for a non-smoker,good driving record, mature female. Age doesn't matter, I am a young senior going back to visit my grand children and returning in May 2014 .I have room for bags and some Boxes if need be.

    • Listed Saturday, 5 Jul 14
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  • Sep 2016 20 Tuesday

    We're moving across the country in Sept.
    (No exact date set).
    Ok, so it's me (Mom), my 5 year old son,
    and my 3 small dogs!
    I would love to cover gas expenses for a woman who can
    offer a little bit of a helping hand along the way ;)

    • Listed Wednesday, 18 Jun 14
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  • Oct 2016 25 Tuesday

    I am moving home to Santa Barbara, Ca. Leaving October 25th. would love to have help with gas $ and hotel cost for at least one night of the 3 days it will take to drive there.

    • Listed Tuesday, 15 Sep 15
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  • Nov 2016 10 Thursday

    Senior citizen partially disabled in one leg and bad back needs help with 1200 mi drive Edison NJ to St. Paul MN. I can't handle more than about 300-350 miles/day on my own. Need a driver who can share the driving, is comfortable and experienced with standard transmission, is ok with 1 dog and 1 cat in car. We can switch of driving and reading or sleeping. I will pay all travel expenses and your lodging each night, you pay your own food. ai'dlike to try to do 400 miles/day.

    2007 Subaru Forrester

    • Listed Monday, 19 Oct 15
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  • Jun 2017 12 Monday

    second posting. Hoping to have a few passengers or to have a lift with someone heading to Yosemite July 12 and returning to the East Bay July 18. I can drive or if possible, with no responses, take a shared ride with someone sharing the same needs.

    Cell 090  130  301  5 phone
    Home 510-758-2134

    • Listed Thursday, 18 Jun 15
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