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  • Mar 2015 10 Tuesday

    I'm looking to share the costs of a trip from Portland Oregon to Dallas Texas, sometime in March to see my 8 yr old daughter. I'm a former Marine and don't drive by myself, due to possible seizures when I'm tired and don't notice when alone.also spent time as a police officer, but I'm really laid back and fun on a road trip. Let me know if we can work something out.thank,I do smoke but have no problem, not doing so if it would be a problem

    • Listed Friday, 12 Dec 14
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  • May 2015 19 Tuesday

    I am flexible with driving my own vehicle or carpooling with someone else. I can share expenses with food and gas. My plan is to drive up to New York City and catch my flight from the airport to London which is scheduled to depart on Thursday May 21, 2015 at around 10pm.

    If the drive is early enough, we can take scenic routes. If my vehicle is being taken, four extra people can come along.

    My return wouldn't be until June 7th in case you were wanting to ride back with me if we take my car. I'm ok with flying back if I am the one carpooling.

    We can email/text whichever you most prefer.

    I do not smoke but don't mind smokers.

    • Listed Saturday, 1 Nov 14
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  • Jun 2015 07 Sunday

    I need a ride from Chicago to Denver June 7th or 8th. I have money to split gas with you and i'll also split driving with you if you want. Pleassse i know someone wants to go to Colorado (:

    • Listed Friday, 23 May 14
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  • Jun 2015 27 Saturday

    2 male adults - from Australia - members of AA looking for lift Denver to Memphis june 2015 - prepared to share costs etc

    prepared to meet other close dates - would prefer to be there asap
    as we are booked to be in Atlanta 1st July but interested in seeing highlights etc

    Both non-smokers

    One carry bag and small suitcases

    • Listed Saturday, 11 Oct 14
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