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  • Jan 2017 28 Saturday

    January 22 Berkeley-area to Portland, Oregon VIA 101!

    UPDATE: Travel days and weather conditions make I-5 either (legally) or in terms of sanity, foolish. We will be going up the coastal road, 101, as far as possible and then cutting east. This will extend the drive versus I-5.

    You'll need a clean record. I will drive the first leg but we MUST stop at an Enterprise where you will present your license so that you can drive - their rules. Obviously if you have a bad record, Enterprise will know. Please be sure that you have a clean record - or I'll ask you to leave the trip if Enterprise's check shows a poor driving record.

    The last guy (on my drive a month ago) worked out fantastically well; he smoked but not in car. There is NO smoking in the rental van; Enterprise doesn't allow. You'll need to contribute half the gas or at least 40 DOLLARS cash, no exceptions

    Obviously, stops will be made for nature breaks, and coffee, meals. I'd prefer to keep the amount of breaks reasonable and bang out the drive, taking turns driving. We may HAVE to stop at a hotel, simple as that. I don't want either of us to drive without adequate rest.

    Please tell me about yourself, age range, etc. If it seems a fit, let me know and/or send your phone number. Or just give me your number if you're interested; time is growing short.

    Me: Male, middle-age, mature, friendly. Age might not matter. A month ago my co-pilot was 23 years old and it went great.

    Note - I bought a new house in Washington, hence the rental van will be filled with my belongs, very little room, I'm guessing, for more than you and say a pack. I THINK. I won't know exactly until I pack the van.

    Let's hit the road!
    do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

    • Listed Saturday, 21 Jan 17
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  • Jun 2017 12 Monday

    second posting. Hoping to have a few passengers or to have a lift with someone heading to Yosemite July 12 and returning to the East Bay July 18. I can drive or if possible, with no responses, take a shared ride with someone sharing the same needs.

    Cell 090  130  301  5 phone
    Home 510-758-2134

    • Listed Thursday, 18 Jun 15
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  • Jun 2017 20 Tuesday

    Looking for company and good map reader in late June from the Napa, CA returning late July 2017 to New York City. I will be traveling with young dog so friendly canines welcome. Will be my first time driving cross country so could really use a helpful, seasoned and guiding passenger!

    • Listed Monday, 19 Dec 16
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