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  • Jan 2015 31 Saturday

    *The posted departure is a suggested earliest leave date; not set in stone.*
    Hi. My name is Curtis Boyd. I am a Southern guy who currently resides in the wonderful city of San Francisco. As much as I have grown to love cooking in this amazing city, I must regrettably leave it behind in order to propel myself further in life goals and find solace once more. I seek to return to my hometown (Madison, MS) where both a place to rest my head and a promising job opportunity awaits me. The trip doesn't have to be super fast but I would like to arrive in time for me to establish a routine so that I can begin earning an income again. I am moving so I shall have some things to bring with me: clothes, tv, speakers, bass guitar, computer game systems, space heater, bed, and loveseat. Everything will be as compact as possible to avoid taking up lots of space and I am totally prepared to leave behind the bed and loveseat if space will not allow. I don't smoke cigarettes and I tend to keep to myself unless enticed into conversation. I originally drove out to SF for $400, so the most I could offer in my return is $500. If I don't sound like too much of a burden, please text me at824  664  651  4 phone or at the email I provided. Thanks, in advance, to anyone whom can help.


    • Listed Saturday, 10 Jan 15
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  • Feb 2015 01 Sunday

    Hi! My name is Gabi, and my boyfriend and i are traveling the states. We are from Chile and we've been traveling for a month now. We are in San Francisco and we would like to go to portland. I can drive, i have a license, and also we could pay for your gas. I hope this works out! Have a cool day :)

    • Listed Wednesday, 28 Jan 15
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  • Feb 2015 04 Wednesday

    Looking for 1, maybe 2 passengers for the whole ride to Boston or Portland Maine (my final destination is in between the two). Taking southern most direct route to avoid cold weather/snow as much as possible. Open to different passengers for different legs of the route as well. Hoping for someone who might like to drive, if we can work that out. Would need to work out cheap motels/hotels along the route and hopefully book ahead of the trip, to mark out a schedule. Open to leaving up to a week later if necessary.

    • Listed Sunday, 21 Dec 14
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  • Feb 2015 08 Sunday

    Just looking to catch a ride to Maine if anybody driving out there I love to tag along got a few friends out there that would love to see I thought about hitchhiking but this would work a lot better :-)

    • Listed Saturday, 15 Nov 14
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  • Feb 2015 08 Sunday

    I'm planning to go Wwoofing in Mexico and am thus looking to get a lift in that direction. I'm a very good driver (but have no license at present). Middle-aged male, non-smoker, vegetarian. I have a couple suitcases and some smaller bags as luggage. Would like to leave late Jan. or Feb.2015.

    • Listed Saturday, 17 Jan 15
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