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  • Dec 2016 08 Thursday

    Looking to get back to Florida from orange county CA, fountain valley,or at leasl get me past Texas, is me and my bicycle, i recently finished my first cross country from Sarasota FL to Key west FL, Key west to santamonica CA, is been about 3 month since I'm here in CA, I'm not making any plans to stay so i wish to go back to FL, i am ready to depart any soon, compensation will be granted, please feel free to reply to me via this post or contact me by phone or email for faster response and thank you for taking the time to read this message. Luis 174  233  490  4 phone, moc.liamG@enozi.emykul eMail

    • Listed Thursday, 1 Dec 16
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  • Dec 2016 12 Monday

    Musician/artist kid trying to get in touch with a magical friend. I need a ride from Tahoe to Eugene. Mid December most likely. Email me or call me if you are able to help me out. Can help out with driving/gas

    591  288  342  2 phone

    • Listed Monday, 5 Dec 16
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  • Dec 2016 14 Wednesday

    Im driving a 26 foot moving truck across country with a car being towed. You are basically there for the ride. I will pay for the gas. We split hotel when needed.

    Im moving my family stuff to Atlanta. Im looking for someone to occupy the time.

    Im a 46 yo male professional with a family. Looking for someone to travel with feels safer than traveling alone across country. I will be taking the most souther route.

    The date of travel might happen in November to December, depending on when my new company wants me to start.

    • Listed Monday, 7 Nov 16
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  • Dec 2016 20 Tuesday

    I'm wanting to haul my motorcycle on a tiny trailer that I have from California to Texas and I don't want to rent a vehicle for $800. Let me know if you are heading that way and have a hitch. I'll help pay for the transportation.

    • Listed Sunday, 4 Dec 16
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  • Dec 2016 20 Tuesday

    My wife, myself and our 17 year old are relocating to san diego with two cars. Need someone to share driving with my wife as she has never driven the long of a distance. Prefer woman but open as you will be following my car.

    Hwy 5 - want to make it in 7-8 hours... not a sight seeing tour but for someone who wants to get to SD area.

    NON SMOKERS only. Leave Date may move plus or minus days.

    NO CHARGE as we are looking to share driving.


    contact first by email.

    • Listed Monday, 14 Nov 16
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  • Jan 2017 02 Monday

    "I'm a business student at Vancouver Island university. I have a passion for music festivals, traveling, and people. Happy to chat along or relax and enjoy the view outside.

    I'm traveling from Vancouver Island to see some friends in LA from December 18 and will be back on January 02. I would like to leave BC on the December 18th morning. The car is large Ford no explore, so plenty of space for luggage.

    If it would suit you to be picked-up or dropped-off somewhere other than the listed pick-up points, I might well be able to accommodate - but in this case please contact me. I can leave from Victoria or Vancouver.

    • Listed Thursday, 20 Oct 16
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