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  • Jul 2016 25 Monday

    need ride soon with in the next 10 days i can drive a lot and share cost need to get to tulsa and get mom and bring her back in auguest......u can text me at273  131  581  9 phone

    • Listed Monday, 18 Jul 16
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  • Jul 2016 28 Thursday

    Hi I'm looking for a ride from Palm Springs to the upper part of Michigan anytime from July 26 to July 30. Can pay for a good part of the gas. Its just me a 35 year old female and 2 duffel bags.I'm a non smoker very mellow just looking to get to Michigan.

    • Listed Thursday, 14 Jul 16
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  • Jul 2016 30 Saturday

    I would LOVE to catch a ride to Portland, Oregon if anyone is going that way. I have money so that is not a problem. I really would appreciate it if anyone is going that way and give me a ride thanks

    • Listed Saturday, 23 Jul 16
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  • Aug 2016 02 Tuesday

    We are two Miami Burners in need of a ride. We have 1 ticket for sale and are open to exchanging our vehicle pass plus gas money for a ride. We're open minded and have tons of travel stories to share. Spread the love!

    We arrive in SF on Sunday night and wanted that Monday to gather our stuff together. We’ve shipped most of our gear to friends in SF. We have a our backpacks, cooler and groceries, camping chairs, a tent and 2 bikes.

    Our departure is Sunday Sept 6th at noon. If our departure times do not coincide we will catch the express bus out.

    Hope our schedules match up!


    • Listed Tuesday, 11 Aug 15
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  • Aug 2016 08 Monday

    Im a marine stationed at the base on 29 palms, i have not seen my fiance in months and have no way of getting to her. She lives in fullerton california and i would love to catch a ride there on friday of july 8th and possibly a ride back july 10th please let me know

    • Listed Wednesday, 29 Jun 16
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  • Aug 2016 10 Wednesday

    Going cross country in van with my invalid mom and wonderful doggie, Barney. Looking for someone to just share the long trip with. Plan to do it in 4 days 3 nights, staying at motels that are pet friendly along the way.

    • Listed Saturday, 16 Jul 16
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  • Aug 2016 11 Thursday

    Need a ride for 2 adults; 55 year old Mexican Lady and her 27 year old son from California to Arizona on August 11th 2016. Can leave from San Juan Capistrano anytime after 10:00am Must return no later than Monday August 15th 2016 by 5am.

    Adult smokes when we would stop for bathroom break, but does not need to smoke other than that.

    Would like to stop maybe once or twice for a fast restroom break or to get something to eat but would like to get there as soon as possible.

    Please contact me by email. We will have one luggage each. Would like to get there as fast as possible. Would like to spend no more than $80 per person round trip. we need to go take care of some tickets at the court in arizona and visit my granddaughters while we are there.

    Our earliest departure time would be 10:00am on august 11th and we need to return no later than 5am on Monday august 15th.

    • Listed Monday, 18 Jul 16
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  • Aug 2016 12 Friday

    Hello! I'm looking for a ride from either LA or SF in California to Grinnell College, near Des Moines in Iowa where I'll be starting college in Mid August. Any rides passing through Iowa will go pass my college as it's next to I-80. I have to arrive in school before the 13th of August, so the weekend of 11th, 12th, and 13th of August would be great!

    I'm willing to share the driving, gas costs and other chores of driving down.

    One thing to note, I'm looking to bring my bike along to college so the car will have to be large enough to fit a bike and suitcase. Bike can either be on a rack if you have one or I can take off the wheels and slot it in-between the front and rear seats. I've been able to fit my bike in between the seats of a Honda Civic, so anything wider than that works!

    Thanks for looking! :)

    • Listed Friday, 15 Jul 16
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