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  • May 2016 25 Wednesday

    Leaving for Chicago 5/25/16 need another driver to drive and pay 50 of Gas.I have a 2 small "Service Dogs" travelling with Me. NO smoking or loud radio Music.

    • Listed Wednesday, 18 May 16
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  • May 2016 26 Thursday

    Male N/S driving cross country to visit my children. The trip will go through Grand Canyon to Denver then south to Oklahoma City then on to Nashville. Expected arrival in Nashville will be on May 29th. Looking for someone to share expenses and see a little of the USA. Email at moc.stiucriccs@nosneBP eMail.

    • Listed Wednesday, 4 May 16
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  • Jun 2016 11 Saturday

    Looking for someone that needs a ride from California to Virginia or very close by. I am driving back to spend 2 weeks with my boys and grandkids in Richmond Va. If you need a ride and can afford some gas money contact me, About Me:61 yrs old, married, retired, very cool, smoker, rock music lover,just a down to earth dude. I will be leaving California June 11, 2016 and I will be taking the 10 interstate across. Mike B.

    • Listed Wednesday, 30 Mar 16
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  • Jun 2016 22 Wednesday

    I will be leaving Santa Rosa,CA on or within a day or two of June 22 for Steamboat Springs, CO.We will be traveling in my 31' Gulfstream motor home, plenty of room for up to 2 people,pets negotiable,Will be sleeping in RV along route as needed.share gas negotiable, rv has 2 full size beds, bathroom, kitchen, refrigerator, The only way to travel.

    • Listed Monday, 16 May 16
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  • Jul 2016 18 Monday

    I am driving from San Francisco to Syracuse, NY with my SUV and my dog (he stays in the trunk). I need someone to share the drive 50 with me. I've done it for 8 years and know the stops very well. We drive from 7:00am to 8:00pm for 3-4 days, 50/50 driving, and stop at night to sleep. I would like a female as we would be sharing hotel room (TWO BEDS). I am not asking for any money for gas or hotel room cost. This is a free ride. I am just requesting the following:
    - drive 50 - we do two shifts of approximately 3 hrs each per day
    - Need to love dogs - I have a sweet and loving Dalmatia 1-year old
    - Listen to music with your own head set
    - Be respectful at all time like as I will be with you
    - no smoking
    - no drugs
    - proof of valid driver license

    • Listed Tuesday, 24 May 16
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  • Aug 2016 02 Tuesday

    We are two Miami Burners in need of a ride. We have 1 ticket for sale and are open to exchanging our vehicle pass plus gas money for a ride. We're open minded and have tons of travel stories to share. Spread the love!

    We arrive in SF on Sunday night and wanted that Monday to gather our stuff together. We’ve shipped most of our gear to friends in SF. We have a our backpacks, cooler and groceries, camping chairs, a tent and 2 bikes.

    Our departure is Sunday Sept 6th at noon. If our departure times do not coincide we will catch the express bus out.

    Hope our schedules match up!


    • Listed Tuesday, 11 Aug 15
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  • Aug 2016 26 Friday

    Hi folks ! We are 9 frenchies. We have 2 RV. We'll live San francisco on 26 morning to take the road to BM, shopping, pick up our bikes and camp at lake tahoe. We plan to arrive at BM on sunday morning. If you are interested to share our ride you are welcome especially if you have a vehicule pass. See U !
    Funky Foxy

    • Listed Monday, 11 Apr 16
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