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  • Aug 2016 29 Monday

    Canadian girl and Swedish lad with a huge 7-seater van looking for peeps to split the cost with.
    Leaving San Fran Monday 29th in the afternoon.
    We'll be stopping in Reno at Wallmart to get some supplies.

    We are laid back and offer good vibes =)

    • Listed Sunday, 28 Aug 16
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  • Aug 2016 29 Monday

    Hi Burners, we are three frenchies going from San Francisco to Reno where A RV is waiting for us. We would leave early on Monday Morning. We could share the beginning of this trip.Aloha !!!

    • Listed Wednesday, 27 Jul 16
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  • Aug 2016 29 Monday

    hi! going with my little Sister, from Germany, both experienced backpackers but first time burners:) got all gear now all we need is a ride! if we could come with you that would be great! best, Insa

    • Listed Monday, 22 Aug 16
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  • Aug 2016 31 Wednesday

    Hi there, 2 people - with luggage - need a lift from Brookings, Oregon - (nearest big town Crescent City/ Northern California - can get there for meet up if necessary).

    Need to get to Portland, Oregon on Wednesday August 31st, preferably by afternoon - to catch plane back to UK.

    Would love scenic, coastal route - but really, if inland quickest way - fine!

    We're non smokers.

    Happy to pay for gas - and any extra you may need (contact and we can discuss).

    Many thanks,


    • Listed Tuesday, 16 Aug 16
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  • Sep 2016 02 Friday

    Travel journalist looking to share total trip costs so somewhere around $25-30 for car rental + $7-8 petrol thus depending on final car rental cost - $30-35 door to door. That's half of train ticket price, half journey time and much more than half the hassle!

    Happy to swing via Santa Barbara for same price even if it's not the most direct route! Thanks Tamara

    • Listed Sunday, 14 Aug 16
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  • Sep 2016 20 Tuesday

    We're moving across the country in Sept.
    (No exact date set).
    Ok, so it's me (Mom), my 5 year old son,
    and my 3 small dogs!
    I would love to cover gas expenses for a woman who can
    offer a little bit of a helping hand along the way ;)

    • Listed Wednesday, 18 Jun 14
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  • Jun 2017 12 Monday

    second posting. Hoping to have a few passengers or to have a lift with someone heading to Yosemite July 12 and returning to the East Bay July 18. I can drive or if possible, with no responses, take a shared ride with someone sharing the same needs.

    Cell 090  130  301  5 phone
    Home 510-758-2134

    • Listed Thursday, 18 Jun 15
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