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  • Nov 2015 29 Sunday

    Looking for a lift from Lake Tahoe to San Francisco area (Redwood City) that gets back by midday Sunday... I can´t drive but I promise I´ll bring snacks and either be quiet or really really interesting! Happy to share any costs, no luggage, non smoker.

    • Listed Tuesday, 24 Nov 15
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  • Dec 2015 08 Tuesday

    After I finish my volunteer stint in El Salvador, I'm traveling up through Mexico and California to see the sights and visit some friends, all on a tight budget.

    I'm in no rush to get anywhere, just want to go cheaply and safely. My dates are flexible and estimated, at this point, so a few days later would work, too. I've never been to the West Coast, so I'm down to see the scenic routes (but also okay with a quick trip).

    I am one person, and will likely be carrying a backpack and a ukulele, hopefully nothing more than that.

    Portland is my final destination (as far as the West Coast goes), so no need for a return trip. Considering the distance between Portland and SF, I'm also okay with ending up somewhere in between, so long as I can catch a train or bus the rest of the way.

    Email or text is best! moc.kooltuo@trahenirrj eMail/243  610  906  2 phone.
    I don't smoke, I can more or less drive a stick (interested in learning more), and am happy to share driving time.

    I'd like to pay less than what Amtrak would charge for the train ($86). A fuel cost calculator online estimates between $63-95, for a car with 30 mpg & 20 mpg, respectively. If you're already headed that way, I'm happy to pay $40-50.

    • Listed Monday, 5 Oct 15
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  • Dec 2015 10 Thursday

    I'm going home to Houston Texas to pick up my mom. I don't want to drive alone and would like company and co-driver. I plan on leaving around the 9th of December. Iv only got room for 2 maybe 3 people. Of course I would really appreciate if you can pitch in for gas. But in certain situations I'm willing to take the company.

    • Listed Monday, 23 Nov 15
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  • Dec 2015 19 Saturday

    Hi Im sharing my ride with another passenger willing to share gas expenses. Could be half way or all the way. Kitesurfer or surfer preferably. I am planning to get to La Paz ( Mexico) in about 4 nights. A responsible driver would be appreciated.

    • Listed Thursday, 12 Nov 15
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  • Aug 2016 02 Tuesday

    We are two Miami Burners in need of a ride. We have 1 ticket for sale and are open to exchanging our vehicle pass plus gas money for a ride. We're open minded and have tons of travel stories to share. Spread the love!

    We arrive in SF on Sunday night and wanted that Monday to gather our stuff together. We’ve shipped most of our gear to friends in SF. We have a our backpacks, cooler and groceries, camping chairs, a tent and 2 bikes.

    Our departure is Sunday Sept 6th at noon. If our departure times do not coincide we will catch the express bus out.

    Hope our schedules match up!


    • Listed Tuesday, 11 Aug 15
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  • Sep 2016 20 Tuesday

    We're moving across the country in Sept.
    (No exact date set).
    Ok, so it's me (Mom), my 5 year old son,
    and my 3 small dogs!
    I would love to cover gas expenses for a woman who can
    offer a little bit of a helping hand along the way ;)

    • Listed Wednesday, 18 Jun 14
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  • Jun 2017 12 Monday

    second posting. Hoping to have a few passengers or to have a lift with someone heading to Yosemite July 12 and returning to the East Bay July 18. I can drive or if possible, with no responses, take a shared ride with someone sharing the same needs.

    Cell 090  130  301  5 phone
    Home 510-758-2134

    • Listed Thursday, 18 Jun 15
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