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  • Aug 2014 29 Friday

    I need a ride to a new job at a farm in watsonville. I'm broke and poor. I have no money. I'm getting a ride from Texas to San Fransisco and will arrive Friday. If anybody could give me and my dog bashiba a ride that would be awesome! The address is 400 vaco Del Sol watsonville. Can give me a text at723  976  391  4 phone

    • Listed Wednesday, 27 Aug 14
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  • Aug 2014 30 Saturday

    Cross-country moving trip with Ford F150 towing enclosed van. Need 1 passenger + pet OK to share fuel & optional cargo space.
    Ford F150 has enclosed camper shell for extra storage.
    Planned travel route: East Hwy 15 to US Hwy 40.
    Optional passenger pick-up in LA or OC areas & drop-off at any point en-route to Arkansas.
    Prefer non-smoker/Optional.
    Planned (2) rest stop-overs en-route.
    Departure date open anytime after 8/26 to 8/30/14.

    Personal: Mature/responsible Travel Agent experienced in long distance travel & transport. Excellent licensed driver familiar with route.

    Contact: Peg

    • Listed Friday, 8 Aug 14
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  • Aug 2014 30 Saturday

    Hi, we have a van and are leaving no later than 10 this Fri. for Reno. We can drive, but could use help with gas. We can comfortably fit two people. We drive this often and are good drivers. Please call first so we can chat. Burners, hippies welcome. tx bb 173  958  651  4 phone.

    • Listed Wednesday, 27 Aug 14
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  • Sep 2014 04 Thursday

    Looking for a travel partner to share the car trip to LA from Redding on or about 4th of September. Will be driving back also so can be a round trip.

    Contact me at 530-941-8six88. DO NOT EMAIL!! just call. My English is not perfect, but my German is perfect!

    • Listed Monday, 11 Aug 14
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