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  • May 2015 01 Friday

    Leaving from the Bay Area on the first of May, heading to Brooklyn. Can drop rider at any destination along the route (which is I-80). Looking for someone to split gas costs with me, and be a conversation partner.

    Text me @ 365  530  9)7  48( phone

    • Listed Friday, 10 Apr 15
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  • May 2015 12 Tuesday

    Driving from San Jose with a stop in Klamath Falls and near Spokane
    looking for one or two riders who will share gas and some driving.
    Depart in the morning (8AM) from San Jose area. reach Klamath by evening
    Depart from Klamath next morning, drive to near Spokane by evening.
    Depart from Spokane 8 AM, cross border (need Passport)

    Must be licensed with clean record, stay within 5 miles of speed limit
    Non smoker, no drinking if driving, one or two suitcases ok.

    Partial ride to either Klamath falls or above ok.
    One way or round trip with 4 night stop in Calgary

    I am a retired senior, engineer, good sense of humor.

    • Listed Friday, 17 Apr 15
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  • May 2015 14 Thursday

    Traveling photographer, respectful and nice guy, looking for a ride to get from Los Angeles to Nebraska (Norfolk).
    Need to be there anytime on the 15th day-mid evening.

    You can find me on Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/jordanmichaelzuniga

    Safe guy, and would love to hear from ya.

    moc.liamg@aginuznadroj eMail

    • Listed Thursday, 16 Apr 15
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  • May 2015 19 Tuesday

    Am Traveling some time in May (dates fairly flexible) from the Southern Ca area to the Portland area. Will be stopping in San Luis Obispo for a few days.

    I am a friendly, middle aged, disabled woman with a small, sweet, hypoallergenic service dog. I am seeking someone who is insured to drive other vehicles and can help drive my 2015 Hyundai Sonata. It is automatic and has Satellite radio. I frequently listen to the comedy channels and sometimes music through the decades. I don't listen to rap or heavy metal. I also like audio books.

    I am okay with taking some scenic routes along the way but isn't necessary. Very open and flexible. The one main must is absolutely NO smoking/drinking/drugs during the trip at all. Due to health and other concerns, I cannot be around it at all.

    I can fit one or 2 med size suitcases. I am moving there so no return trip. I prefer email contact please.

    I would like someone to share the cost of gas with me plus cover their own expenses ie. food, hotel.

    My car averages 35 mpg highway.

    • Listed Monday, 6 Apr 15
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  • Aug 2015 28 Friday


    We are 3 Australian girls (who met via this site) looking for a 4th to hire a RV. We're looking for someone who has a vehicle pass (who we'll reimburse costs so everything is equal quarters).

    We are looking at departing from San Fran and following through to Vegas after BM.

    The RV that we are looking at will work out to approx. US$1100 for 11 nights total.

    As none of us have a vehicle pass, it is important that you have one.

    Hit us up if you're interested!



    • Listed Thursday, 12 Mar 15
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  • Aug 2015 28 Friday

    HI Myself and 2 other friends (all females) from Australia

    are looking for another burner to join us in our RV . We will be driving from San Fran (on the 28th) to the black rock city for BURNING MAN!!. We do not have a vehicle pass , but it would be great if you did, or we can always purchase it once they go on sale again. We are very easy going so anything is negotiable.

    Ema 24 from Sydney

    • Listed Sunday, 29 Mar 15
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