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  • Dec 2016 12 Monday

    I'm a nice, middle-age white guy whose bought a house an hour, 45 minutes north of Portland. I CAN go as far as Olympia if my partner requires but NOT farther.

    I ask that you pay for half the gas and do half the driving. We can do it in a day; obviously if the Highway Patrol says "stop at such and such a city" because of snow, we will have to.

    I can put up with just about any music so long as it's not too loud; I'm a musician with damaged hearing.

    Obviously, we'll stop as required for nature breaks and meals.

    Love to have you and your clean driving record, friendly disposition, along.

    • Listed Thursday, 8 Dec 16
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  • Jun 2017 12 Monday

    second posting. Hoping to have a few passengers or to have a lift with someone heading to Yosemite July 12 and returning to the East Bay July 18. I can drive or if possible, with no responses, take a shared ride with someone sharing the same needs.

    Cell 090  130  301  5 phone
    Home 510-758-2134

    • Listed Thursday, 18 Jun 15
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