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  • Oct 2016 30 Sunday

    i'm driving to Vegas on the afternoon of Sunday 30th of October and wouldn't mind having someone tag along and keep me company during the 4 hours drive.

    i'm not asking for anything in return.. though you can pay for gas or whatever if you insist!

    i'm going in a sporty sedan so i don't have much space for luggage (so travel light!) and no smoking or dirty clothes/shoes! :)

    • Listed Wednesday, 19 Oct 16
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  • Jan 2017 02 Monday

    "I'm a business student at Vancouver Island university. I have a passion for music festivals, traveling, and people. Happy to chat along or relax and enjoy the view outside.

    I'm traveling from Vancouver Island to see some friends in LA from December 18 and will be back on January 02. I would like to leave BC on the December 18th morning. The car is large Ford no explore, so plenty of space for luggage.

    If it would suit you to be picked-up or dropped-off somewhere other than the listed pick-up points, I might well be able to accommodate - but in this case please contact me. I can leave from Victoria or Vancouver.

    • Listed Thursday, 20 Oct 16
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