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  • Aug 2014 30 Saturday

    Cross-country moving trip with Ford F150 towing enclosed van. Need 1 passenger + pet OK to share fuel & optional cargo space.
    Ford F150 has enclosed camper shell for extra storage.
    Planned travel route: East Hwy 15 to US Hwy 40.
    Optional passenger pick-up in LA or OC areas & drop-off at any point en-route to Arkansas.
    Prefer non-smoker/Optional.
    Planned (2) rest stop-overs en-route.
    Departure date open anytime after 8/26 to 8/30/14.

    Personal: Mature/responsible Travel Agent experienced in long distance travel & transport. Excellent licensed driver familiar with route.

    Contact: Peg

    • Listed Friday, 8 Aug 14
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