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  • Mar 2017 27 Monday

    Planning to travel from Spring Valley, CA to Northampton, MA! I'm moving back home and looking for someone (just 1 person) to help pass the time on the way there-- offering full trip OR P/U and D/O along the route :) It will be myself and my fantastic dog in the car (she'll be in the backseat).

    I am taking the lower route-- NOT the automated one shown on the map for this trip.. Major cities we will go through are Phoenix [AZ], Albuquerque [NM], Amarillo [TX], Oklahoma City [OK], Springfield [MO], St. Louis [MO], Indianapolis [IN], Columbus [OH], Cleveland [OH], Buffalo [NY], Syracuse [NY], Albany [NY].

    Leaving Spring Valley in AM 3/27 [~7:30]. I plan on driving until I can't drive anymore for the day and then either finding a place to crash through CouchSurfing or at a truck stop. I am not super interested in making a bunch of scenic stops to check out the area along the way, BUT if it something that is very important to you (and something that is does friendly), we can discuss it.

    I'm not a smoker, but am okay with you smoking weed/cigarettes when we stop; however, I don't want to pull over more frequently just for cigarette breaks.

    When I made this trip from MA to CA, it took about 5 solid days of driving. I am expecting better weather conditions this time of the year, but would still expect 5 days drive time, just slightly more relaxed. Without stops, Google Maps is estimating ~ 44 hours. We will have to make stops at least every 4 hours for my pup.. and probably every 2-3 hours in the morning as my coffee runs directly through me!!!

    In terms of payment, I would expect that we split the gas with each fill. If we drive significantly out of the way to check something out that you really want to see, I would ask that you pay for gas for the detour as well. I am open to splitting drive time, as long as you have a valid license and have (good) driving experience. If you don't want to drive, that's completely fine too.

    I am LGBTQA+ friendly, open to any race/religion/gender/religion/etc. I can get along well with most people, as long as we are respectful and accepting of both similarities and differences in opinion. MUST get along with dogs-- this is the only non-negotiable!!!

    Let me know if you have any interest or any questions! I have a picture of the mapped route I can send over!!

    I am also flexible on the date we leave.. if you need to leave earlier, I can leave as early as 3/24 AM for the right match!

    • Listed Thursday, 9 Mar 17
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  • Apr 2017 01 Saturday

    I'm 16 and I'm trying to reach my mom in Lower Manhattan New York she left me in Cali for a month with my grandma and she said I had to find my way back home I haven't thought anything of until just recently I'm just trying to get back home by her birthday if you're willing to give me a ride email me I'm down to leave anytime after next week best time would be march 20th around 11am thx!

    • Listed Monday, 13 Mar 17
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