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  • Nov 2015 01 Sunday

    We're renting a 12' box truck to move only a few things. Lots of room to spare if anyone needs something moved down south. We're hitting Montgomery AL, Atlanta GA, and Tampa FL.

    • Listed Wednesday, 30 Sep 15
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  • Nov 2015 03 Tuesday

    My name is Christiane and I will do this trip with a stop in saint Louis. I gonna meet my boyfriend in Chicago and stay there for one week. I'm 24years old and an exchange student from Germany. I will pick you up with a comfortable minivan and plenty of space for all your luggage:)
    It would be great not to drive the whole distance alone and have some nice car passengers joining me.
    I'm looking forward to do this trip with you!

    • Listed Thursday, 10 Sep 15
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  • Dec 2015 19 Saturday

    I am looking to travel with someone from Chicago to Mexico City any time late on the 18th of December up to Dec. 20 or even 21. I'm 57 y/o, pretty low maintenance, and all-around good soul.

    • Listed Sunday, 4 Oct 15
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