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  • Feb 2016 09 Tuesday

    Leaving Chicago (near-north side) on Tuesday, Feb 9 and driving to Boulder, CO. Looking for someone to do part of the driving (it's a Prius) and pay for part of the gas.

    • Listed Thursday, 21 Jan 16
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  • Feb 2016 09 Tuesday

    My fiance and I need a ride to our family and home in mississippi.any city In mississippi would work as well. Have a decent amount of luggage. Can pay half of the gas cost plus $75.00 for the ride which is very much needed. My fiance and I are very nice people. Will cause no problems. Luggage consist of a large duffle bag, three bags of cloths, a guitar in a case, and two bags of miscellaneous items. Thank you very much

    • Listed Tuesday, 2 Feb 16
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  • Feb 2016 12 Friday

    Hi, I have a small bit of furniture in a storage unit near the airport in Tucson and need it drive in an SUV or Flat bed truck (the coffee table is about 56" long) to Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood. I'll pay all your gas and tolls, and you don't even have to deal with a human passenger!
    Stuff is all light enough for one person to lift into the car:
    coffee table
    bedside table
    three dining room chairs

    Thanks! Joyce

    • Listed Wednesday, 3 Feb 16
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