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  • May 2016 04 Wednesday

    One-day shot from Chicago to London, Ontario in a 2005 Toyota Matrix with a sunroof, ac, good stereo.

    I can arrange for dropoffs a reasonable distance off my route. Everything is negotiable.

    I'm driving solo across the country, and am looking for someone to help pay the gas. This leg of the trip would run someone 30 bucks.

    Yeah I calculated the gas price and it should run me around 45 bucks for the trip. I'm charging the passenger over half.

    There will be room for luggage. You'll get the front passenger seat of course. If more than one person is interested maybe something can be arranged.

    Perks will be a chill travel experience and good music -- you can control the stereo or just listen with headphones, whatever. We can stop places to take photos. Or we can just get there fast.

    It's about a 7 hour drive time, so we'd leave early. I'd like to get into London before dinner.

    I have some experience driving this route before.

    I'm really friendly and easy to get along with. I speak English, French and some Mandarin. I'm from Manitoba, about to move from BC to Montreal.

    • Listed Wednesday, 30 Mar 16
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