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  • Dec 2014 07 Sunday

    Looking for someone for company and split gas, gas costs 100 each way and I will return friday. So if you can afford anything close to 50 you can buy yourself a seat. Will drop off/pick up anything close on the way(Tampa, Orlando, prob not Miami) I listen to alternative music and listen to audio books, but have plenty to talk about if your slightly nerdy or like subjects outside of celebrities and sports

    • Listed Wednesday, 26 Nov 14
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  • Dec 2014 31 Wednesday

    I'm looking for someone with room to take a 30"x40" tall painting to Houston sometime in the next few months. Anybody have room in exchange for some gas $?? Anytime in the next few months is fine. Thanks!

    • Listed Monday, 11 Nov 13
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  • Jun 2015 07 Sunday

    I need a ride from Chicago to Denver June 7th or 8th. I have money to split gas with you and i'll also split driving with you if you want. Pleassse i know someone wants to go to Colorado (:

    • Listed Friday, 23 May 14
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