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  • Aug 2014 19 Tuesday

    Going to choose one of two routes, either Indiana-Denver-Wyoming-BRC or Indiana-Rockford-Interstate 80-BRC. Will be arriving approx two days early, and will leave on Tuesday (camp setup and teardown, so an Early Arrival Permit is necessary, or I can drop you in Reno). Smokers are discouraged. You must be 18. You must be prepared if you're a BurningMan virgin. I can help, but please do your homework.

    Going to mostly barrel on through. A few stops here and there. Can bring one bike/person. Empty water jugs until we reach NV. Need fuel cost contribution. Can meet you in Indy, or on the way depending on the route chosen, likely I-74 to Rockford, then I-80. Can take one-ways, too.

    No drugs. No drugs. No drugs.
    No weapons. No weapons. No weapons.

    Otherwise: LGBTQ/etc friendly. Can help deaf or partially mobility challenged, but you must be ambulatory and continent. I'm an experienced burner. Low drama. Can cook in the RV. Specialize in low-carb vegetarian meals. Will likely stop in Winnemucca or Reno for supplies. Early birds get the seats. Thanks.

    • Listed Monday, 7 Jul 14
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