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  • Jan 2017 25 Wednesday

    Driving to Montana from Maryland with most of my things in the back. I'll have room in the front seat for you and some of your things as well. Hoping to split gas money and if you have a current license and insurance driving time.

    • Listed Tuesday, 10 Jan 17
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  • May 2017 13 Saturday

    I have high school graduation I need to attend in May located in Oneida, KY. My ride doesn't have to be all the way to Oneida. It can be up to Lexington instead. I also have a dog that will be traveling with me.

    • Listed Monday, 12 Sep 16
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  • May 2017 17 Wednesday

    Female Companion wanted , over 21 . Non Smoker . NOT A TRUMP Supporter either.

    THIS is Not a free trip,, help pay for some gas & food .
    Hotel is on me , If you dont object to where I may stay

    ITS Ok if you are looking to go west & not return East

    Driving West ,, Vegas for a few days,, If I have time , maybe into LA Beach area for an overnight.( see if the dodgers are in town ) We can go over all the details later.
    Travel South to start,, Hope to do000  105  8 phonemiles a day
    Head Back Thru Denver, I-70
    Arrive back in MD. Sunday night before Memorial Day , or maybe on that Monday

    I am MWM( not happily) 50( ish) Want to see some of the USA
    Most of the music I'll play is 60, 70 , 80 , Rock , Punk & Metal

    We can talk about the details , and what you'd like to see as well
    I really don't care to much about how you look , in case you ask
    But please do not be to Heavy

    • Listed Wednesday, 11 Jan 17
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