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  • Aug 2015 17 Monday

    So the folks don't want me to drive alone back to school at St. Lawrence University, therefore i am looking for someone going east who would be willing to drive part of the way so i don't get too tired and crash. Im not trying to haul across the country, i have from Monday the 17th to Tuesday the 25th of August to get across and also explore some sweet spots.
    My objective is to not drive more than 7 hours or so a day, and be able to recreate at least 4 hours a day.
    Heres a tentative outline:

    Mon August 17: Drive 3.5 hours, Rec 3.5 hours Night: John Day, OR
    Tues August 18: Drive 5 hours, Rec 9 hours Night: Lowman, ID
    Wed August 19: Drive 6.5 hours, Rec 7.5 hours Night: Jackson Hole, WY
    Thurs August 20: Drive 2.5 hours, Rec 11 hours Night: Kinnear WY
    Fri August 21: Drive 3 hours, Rec 11 hours Night: Meadowlark Lake, Bighorns, WY
    Sat August 22: Drive 6.5 hours, Rec 7.5 hours Night: Badlands NP, SD
    Sun August 23: Drive 7.5 hours, Rec 6.5 hours Night: Minneapolis, MN
    Mon August 24: Drive 9 hours, Rec 5 hours Night: Sault Ste Marie, MI
    Tues August 25: Drive 10 hours, Rec 4 hours Night: Canton, NY

    Throughout the trip i would really like to stop at these locations to hike, run, fish, and adventure. I want to stop at:
    Boise National Forest, ID
    Teton National Park, WY
    Badlands National Park, SD
    Black Hills National Forest, SD
    Bighorn National Forest, WY

    so it will be a pretty northerly route that goes up into Canada and then i can drop down into New York. I have a 93 subaru legacy that I'm hoping to outfit with a covered wagon trailer that has two sicckk fold down beds in the back. So It will definitely be glamping, i really am going to try to save money on food and sleeping for gas.

    If your interested in going on some adventures and trying to get to the east or anywhere along or near my route, hit me up at 945  280  414  5 phoneor moc.liamg@nivlacnoved eMail. Really my parents just want me not to drive alone and I'm doing the trip regardless so i would say the trip would be pretty cheap.

    Just a little about me, Im really into the outdoor thing, i backcountry ski a shit ton and like running mountains. Trying to get to st. lawrence university for my second year. I'll probably be blasting tunes and listening to a lot of audiobooks


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