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  • Jun 2015 06 Saturday

    Going to Toledo Ohio or Detroit Michigan, I am renting a small economy car and want a driver to help drive and share expenses for rental and gas. Any where in the proximity is okay. from June 5th morning returning on the 13th to be in Houston on the 14th. approximate miles 1159.

    Bonnie Stevenson
    886  735  323  8 phone

    • Listed Saturday, 14 Mar 15
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  • Jun 2015 14 Sunday

    I am looking for a ride companion to head up to NM this summer. My departure date is slightly flexible I would prefer a female companion in her 20's but I am open to other applicants. I would also prefer someone with a clean driving record and valid driver's license.

    • Listed Saturday, 21 Mar 15
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  • Jul 2015 06 Monday

    i live and work in patagonia chile and the cheapest flight state side is to dallas...but my family all live in oregon...so just trying to seee a little along the way

    • Listed Saturday, 19 May 12
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  • Jul 2015 08 Wednesday

    Would like Female companion to travel with me, camp in National forests and CAMPGROUNDS as well sightseeing as we went. I am in no rush and anywhere you think you may like to stop and see we can discuss it and see if it would work out for both parties.

    I smoke but not that much I use a vap most of the time.

    My wife passed away quite a few years ago and I want to share this trip with someone who would really enjoy this kind of trip.

    If you feel like this may be the kind of trip you would enjoy please let me know. I think it would be fun and I'm in no hurry.

    Give me an email and I'll get back to you right away.

    • Listed Thursday, 14 May 15
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  • Jul 2015 09 Thursday

    one male needs ride one way from Dallas/Ft worth to San Antonio on
    July 9 after 10AM. Will share costs. Phone number is241  059  971  8 phone-
    leave message. I would like to arrive the same day.

    • Listed Monday, 30 Jun 14
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  • Apr 2016 13 Wednesday

    I'm driving a UHaul from South Texas (can pick someone up wherever in Houston or Austin, etc) to the Boston area early in the morning of April 13th or 14th and hoping to arrive in Boston on the 17th some time.

    I need help with some appropriate expenses and can drop off anyplace not too far out of the way before Boston.

    Thank you.

    • Listed Tuesday, 31 Mar 15
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