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  • Jul 2014 23 Wednesday

    i need a ride from college station to Austin or round rock or anywhere close by.Either on Monday/Tuesday/ Wednesday/Thursday, whichever day you are going. My car's transmission got screwed. i will share the gas and/or other expenses incurred.
    You can contact me from this email or call or text me at 254  457  301  4 phone

    • Listed Sunday, 20 Jul 14
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  • Jul 2014 27 Sunday

    Hey guys I am driving to Houston, Texas on the 27 of June leaving at 7pm I have extra room in my car if anybody needs a ride to Houston, 25$ for gas, just text me at 144  391  621  5 phoneif need want to ride with me.

    • Listed Saturday, 28 Jun 14
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  • Jul 2014 28 Monday

    Taking a trip up the old Route 66 from Houston to Chicago, going to Abilene and starting the trip from Adrian, Texas.

    Leaving Sunday around noon, dropping off my car at an airport parking lot and picking up a rental car (one way rental). Driving to Chicago over 2-3 days, and droppping of the rental car. Flying home, so no ride back to Houston

    Spending the night with family on Sunday night, motels on the road the next 2-3 nights.

    Not in a hurry to get to Chicago, it's a vacation for me.

    I prefer to be contact by email, moc.oohay@daehderseitrof eMail

    Non-smoker or must smoke outside the car on stops.

    Lots of stops to take pictures.

    Half gas, please.

    I will have to do all the driving. Music style disputes will be settled with headphones, lol.

    Easy going, sometimes chatty, sometimes quiet, middle aged woman.

    • Listed Tuesday, 22 Jul 14
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  • Jul 2014 31 Thursday

    I need ride to Galveston, one way only - from Austin any time of day on July 31st or Aug 1st - anyone want help with gas money? Please contact me by cell 512 296 133 nine. Brian.

    • Listed Tuesday, 15 Jul 14
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  • Jul 2015 06 Monday

    i live and work in patagonia chile and the cheapest flight state side is to dallas...but my family all live in oregon...so just trying to seee a little along the way

    • Listed Saturday, 19 May 12
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  • Jul 2015 09 Thursday

    one male needs ride one way from Dallas/Ft worth to San Antonio on
    July 9 after 10AM. Will share costs. Phone number is241  059  971  8 phone-
    leave message. I would like to arrive the same day.

    • Listed Monday, 30 Jun 14
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