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  • Feb 2017 03 Friday


    I am planning to drive over from Houston, TX to Ft. Lauderdale, FL in Feb 2017.

    The ride will be through a rental vehicle and I am looking for some to ride along and possibly willing to share the rental cost (typically 80 - 100$).

    This ride will most likely be non-stop excepting few short stops for coffee / restrooms breaks.

    I do not smoke / drink / do drugs. Expect the same from any one willing to join the ride.

    • Listed Monday, 5 Dec 16
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  • Sep 2017 05 Tuesday

    I have a car Toyota Corolla & I am moving Houston to Seattle next month around 5th October but this date is not final, I can adjust the date. I need somebody who has a valid driving license so he can drive my car also with me. This is free ride Houston to Seattle but only thing you have to drive my car with me.

    • Listed Wednesday, 21 Sep 16
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