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  • Sep 2016 26 Monday

    RIDE OFFERED: To Southern California (CA) (from Western Washington)

    Departing the greater Seattle / western Washington area on 1-way trip along i5 to southern California. Tentative departure scheduled for Monday 09/26/16. A bit flexible on departure time; could leave as early as Sunday 09/25 or as late as Tuesday 09/27. Overnight stops have not (yet) been planned or scheduled and are open to discussion.

    Professional businessman (with too many credentials, licenses and background checks to be a felon or a creep), driving an awesome running but old extended-cab pickup, 5-speed, standard (stick) transmission with heat & A/C, AM/FM radio with CD player. Truck bed has cover but is not lockable (cab of truck is lockable).

    This trip is:
    • Critter-free
    • Drama free
    • Smoke free (smoking stops can be scheduled)
    • Contraband free (contraband items are not allowed in my vehicle, including but not limited to weed; see earlier point about my credentials and licenses that I will not risk)

    Offering ride to a person who is:
    • Clean
    • Showered
    • Conversational
    • Interesting

    Person should also not have a lot of baggage -- including emotional (does not play the victim card in life).

    If you were to share driving (not a requirement), you would need to be able to produce your current valid driver's license before you would be allowed to drive.

    Fare negotiable depending on distance and is usually cheaper for my passenger if I find them to be engaging, personable and contributory to the riding experience rather than just a passenger who will not be engaged.

    Send email to moc.liamg@elamlc eMail, introducing you. Please include (at least) your 1st name, your starting point as well as your destination and any other information you think would be important for me to know.

    Please include your direct email address in your reply.

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    • Listed Wednesday, 21 Sep 16
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