ride offer from Belleville to Saskatoon, Tuesday, 1 Nov 16

Map only shows the fastest route! Actual route might be different, please read the listing or contact the user to find out about detours, stopovers, schedules and sightseeing along the way.

  • Nov 2016 01 Tuesday

    Departure date isn't 100 decided yet. I start school November 15, should be there a few days before. I drive a crewcab pickup truck, it's a long drive but I am willing to drive through or stay at a hotel. Fuel isn't that bad, it's a diesel. This is my first time posting a ride share, so not sure what else to put. Please reply with age, gender and if you live on the way, I can pick you up aswell. ALSO NOT DRIVING THROUGH THE STATES

    • Listed Monday, 10 Oct 16
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