ride offer from Brisbane to Darwin, Thursday, 25 Oct 12

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Distance between Brisbane and Darwin: 3426km; Driving time: 40 hours, 5 minutes (Source: Google Maps)

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  • Feb 2015 05 Thursday

    Hi everyone,

    I'm heading to Darwin soon with my van I just bought. I have to be in Darwin for the 5th of March and consider driving and stopping on the way for about a month (approx departure date 5th of Feb) so I can enjoy visiting the country on the way and share the costs with someone who is willing to travel. My van has 2 seats and a 2 persons bed space so I look for 1 passenger. I consider travelling by avoiding paying campsites as much as possible. It will be my second road trip in Australia and my 1st one with my own vehicle (4wd van Mitsubishi).
    I'm an easy going person and I love meeting new people. The only thing I ask for is sharing petrol costs and common purchases such as food and campgrounds if needed. A tidy person would be highly appreciated! I do speak French, Spanish and Italian so any Aussie or European company is more than welcome.
    If you feel like could travel with me, pls let me know and we can talk about it before leaving. My ETA is fixed but I'm flexible on the date of departure.


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