ride offer from Christchurch to Auckland, Monday, 18 Feb 13

Map only shows the fastest route! Actual route might be different, please read the listing or contact the user to find out about detours, stopovers, schedules and sightseeing along the way.

Distance between Christchurch and Auckland: 1098km; Driving time: 16 hours, 55 minutes (Source: Google Maps)

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  • Feb 2017 22 Wednesday

    Hi there,

    I will be driving from Christchurch to Auckland on the 22nd of February.
    I am planning to stop in Wellington for a night and then keep heading north. Other stops along the trip will be Blenheim, Picton, Taupo and Hamilton.
    I would like to do it in two or three days.
    I am not planning in sharing the total cost of the trip, but a little help for petrol would be nice. I think 30 nzd from Christchurch to Picton and same amount from Wellington to Auckland.
    From Picton to Wellington you need to take the ferry which is around 54nzd.

    Let me know if you are keen to travel around the country and visit these cities.
    I have 6 seats available as I am taking 2 cars.
    I am leaving at 10 am on the 22nd of February 2017
    If you need me to pick you up, no problem, we arrange it

    The trip is one way only.


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