ride offer from Darwin to Perth, Monday, 5 Nov 12

Map only shows the fastest route! Actual route might be different, please read the listing or contact the user to find out about detours, stopovers, schedules and sightseeing along the way.

Distance between Darwin and Perth: 4042km; Driving time: 43 hours, 30 minutes (Source: Google Maps)

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  • Apr 2014 30 Wednesday

    > Hey there, we Fabian and Nora (a young couple 25 and 30 years)
    > just start our Asia and Australia Tour in August. At the beginning
    > of November we have a camper van for rent going from Darwin to
    > Perth. If there is anybody who just wants to join us for a while
    > please write me an email to ed.oohay@uhhcuj_aojon eMail. Price depending
    > on how long you are going with us. Just ask me and we will discuss
    > a price which is fine for all of us we do not want to earn money
    > we just want you to give a bit money for gas and have a funny time while touring through australia.
    > Looking forward hearing from you soon!
    > Kindest regards,
    > Nora & Fabian

    • Listed Wednesday, 23 Apr 14
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  • Jun 2014 29 Sunday

    Hey there,

    my girlfriend and I will be studying (medical students) in Darwin until the 27th June then we'd like to go to either Perth or Alice/Uluru.

    We need to be back in Perth by the 13th July but can fly from Alice if need be.

    We love swimming, running, hiking and everything outdoors. We have camping gear and can both share driving / fuel costs.

    Drop us a line =)

    Steve & Shiran

    • Listed Sunday, 13 Apr 14
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