ride offer from Halifax to Brampton, Wednesday, 15 Jan 14

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  • Aug 2014 13 Wednesday

    I'm heading to Brampton, ON on August 13th to see my family. I'll be leaving from Halifax, NS very early in the morning (3:30am) and driving straight through till I get to Brampton, roughly a 15hr drive. I'd be happy to drop off passengers to any major cities along the way. I own a 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer, and have 4 seats available, there is also a large trunk for luggage.

    I'm female, have an excellent driving record, am quiet, reliable, and punctual. I am also a non smoker and don't allow smoking, or drugs in my car. Depending on where you are headed I'm asking anywhere from $50 to $150 bucks per seat. This is a 1 way trip as I will be returning with family and won't have space available in the car.

    If you are interested please email me at moc.liamy@ekralc.nollaf eMail

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