ride offer from Halifax to Vancouver, Wednesday, 16 Nov 16

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Distance between Halifax and Vancouver: 6238km; Driving time: 63 hours (Source: Google Maps)

  • Nov 2016 16 Wednesday

    Hi I am a 21-year-old male! My name is Ray I will be dropping my friend off in Halifax Nova Scotia to fly back to Australia after our cross canada road trip! I am driving back to Vancouver Bc before I drive home to fort st. john Bc and wanted to find a cutie to share the ride and the travel costs with on my way back to the west coast best coast!
    Just need someone who's down for the ride west don't need to drive I will do all that! Come let me be your tour guide and show you why the west coast is the best coast!

    Get at me 7 7 8 (8 5 9-3 8 4 1)

    • Listed Thursday, 29 Sep 16
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