ride offer from Los Angeles to San Francisco, Sunday, 23 Jun 13

Map only shows the fastest route! Actual route might be different, please read the listing or contact the user to find out about detours, stopovers, schedules and sightseeing along the way.

Distance between Los Angeles and San Francisco: 614km; Driving time: 6 hours, 25 minutes (Source: Google Maps)

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  • Aug 2014 01 Friday

    Going to the bay area san francisco oakland san jose friday morning 8/1 and returning Sunday anytime 8/3 thats convenient... I have a lexus so there is room. Asking 50 one way or 90 round trip. It costs about 100 to get up there (one tank and one quarter) so I figured half the gas is fair. Hit ke up via text or email 737  482  801  5 phone

    • Listed Wednesday, 30 Jul 14
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