ride offer from Washington to Las Vegas, Sunday, 14 May 17

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Distance between Washington and Las Vegas: 3962km; Driving time: 39 hours, 10 minutes (Source: Google Maps)

  • May 2017 14 Sunday

    Want to away

    I am driving to LV , then LA,, then LV ,, Denver , home ( MD)

    Leave Sunday morning ,, Stop overnight ( Tenn) drive again ,, Want to see
    Grand canyon, Hoover Dam , Stop in Vegas WEd. , Thursday &Fri SAt in LA ( beach area, maybe a Dodger game, SUN , Mon Tue in Vegas, WED morning long drive to Denver , Leave Den Friday eve after Rockies game ( this is optional )
    drive back to MD by Sundaynight May 28th ( preferred)

    Looking for a WOMAN ,,over 21 ( drivers licence ) Help pay for herself mostly , Hotel can be on me if you are good with what I choose
    NO Smokers. No Drugs . No Republicans .
    Not looking for a GF , looks are not an issue ,, but weight is , so please no super heavy person
    I am 50ish MWM

    Must be able to put up with Rock N roll, Metal, Punk music all decades

    • Listed Wednesday, 8 Mar 17
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  • May 2017 17 Wednesday

    Female Companion wanted , over 21 . Non Smoker . NOT A TRUMP Supporter either.

    THIS is Not a free trip,, help pay for some gas & food .
    Hotel is on me , If you dont object to where I may stay

    ITS Ok if you are looking to go west & not return East

    Driving West ,, Vegas for a few days,, If I have time , maybe into LA Beach area for an overnight.( see if the dodgers are in town )
    Back to Vegas for a few,, We can go over all the details later.
    Travel South to start,, Hope to drive000  105  8 phonemiles a day
    Head Back Thru Denver, I-70
    Arrive back in MD. Sunday night before Memorial Day , or maybe on that Monday

    I am MWM( not happily) 50( ish) Want to see some of the USA
    Most of the music I'll play is 60, 70 , 80 ,90 Rock , Punk & Metal

    We can talk about the details , and what you'd like to see as well
    I really don't care to much about how you look , in case you ask
    But please do not be to Heavy

    • Listed Wednesday, 11 Jan 17
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