ride wanted from Adelaide to Alice Springs, Friday, 29 Mar 13

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Distance between Adelaide and Alice Springs: 1546km; Driving time: 17 hours (Source: Google Maps)

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  • Aug 2014 22 Friday

    Hey everbody, I'm a 20 years old German and bought a Toyota 4runner today. :) I'm looking for travel mates to have a greater and more fun journey or just give a lift for someone who wants to save money like me. Tomorrow I will do car insurance, so I can leave Adelaide on Friday (or later if you can't leave immediately). I must visit a hospital in Maitland but I expect to reache Cooper Pedy anyway on Friday. How long the following trip to Uluru and to Alice Springs takes depends on what we see and where we decide to stop, but I expect this trip to take about 1 week. As the Toyota is a 4WD I want to travel through the MacDonell Ranges to Alice Springs as far as it is possible. For those who want to travel with me: We will split the patrol price by the number of persons in the car (It should be possible to travel with 5 persons in it). If you just need a lift: 15$ for each 100km (if you travel with a friend you can share this 15$ with him/her). It's also possible to joint during my trip. I can pick you up if the detour is not to far. If you want more information just call me: ******4471 + click to reveal

    The Car: 1993 Toyota 4runner. It is a clean and save car. A mechanical checkt the car bevor I bought it and everthing was all right. Should be possible to do some great offroad tracks with it.

    The Driver: I am chilled german dude and drive cars for more than 2 years now. My given name is Jan-Philipp, but my friends call me Radish (in german Rettich). I'm in Australia for nearly 9 weeks now and I really enjoy my stay here. I think I am a person you can have a lot of fun with and always searching for adventures :)

    After the trip: I wanted to earn some money in NT, so where I will go after Alice Springs depends on where I get a job. Presumably I will travel further north to Kathrin or Darwin, but thats not sure. I probably will post a new ad when I am in Alice Springs

    Just ring me during the next 2 weeks and ask where I am, maybe I can help you :)
    If you want to meet me, befor we leave Adelaide I'm in the Shakespeare's Backpackers 123 Waymouth St.
    Maybe I will stay longer in Adelaide, if you can't leave on friday and you're a cool person :D
    I hope we will meet soon,

    cheers Radish

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