ride wanted from Brisbane to Byron Bay, Tuesday, 12 Feb 13

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Distance between Brisbane and Byron Bay: 166km; Driving time: 2 hours (Source: Google Maps)

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  • Apr 2015 01 Wednesday

    Hey everyone.
    Me and my friend (2 girls) need a lift from Brisbane to Byron bay.

    We want to stay in Byron for 2 nights and go back on 3.4.15.

    Would be happy if somebody could give us a lift.

    Of course we gonna share the costs for it.

    Thanks :)

    Luisa and Sally

    • Listed Thursday, 26 Mar 15
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  • Apr 2015 02 Thursday

    My names Caity and I'm headed down to Byron on the 2nd to see some family from out of state. I work in the Brisbane CBD and I finish work at 3 so if this fit's anyone's plans at all I would really appreciate a lift down. I am more than happy to chip in $40 to cover fuel and everything. Give me a message if you have a seat free!

    • Listed Wednesday, 18 Mar 15
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