ride wanted from Calgary to Banff, Friday, 26 Apr 13

Map only shows the fastest route! Actual route might be different, please read the listing or contact the user to find out about detours, stopovers, schedules and sightseeing along the way.

Distance between Calgary and Banff: 129km; Driving time: 1 hour, 35 minutes (Source: Google Maps)

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  • Mar 2015 08 Sunday

    Driving from calgary and through banff ($20) on march the third and i can drop anyone off. Since i'm going through i'm also open to driving someone further ie to golden, revelstoke.. I'm going as far as kelowna. Let me know and we can negotiate a fair price
    I am moving so my car will be pretty packed and i only have room for one passenger and small luggage
    leaving calgary around 10am
    call or text me as i might not get time to check my emails before then963  910  630  4 phone

    Its a long drive for me so its nice to get some company for the way!

    • Listed Sunday, 1 Mar 15
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