ride wanted from Calgary to Banff, Friday, 26 Apr 13

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Distance between Calgary and Banff: 129km; Driving time: 1 hour, 35 minutes (Source: Google Maps)

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  • Jun 2015 06 Saturday

    Australian on holiday/vacation looking for one or two passengers to travel from Calgary Airport to Banff - driving one way to Vancouver with several nights on the way via Jasper and Kamloops.
    My objective is for a passenger for conversation to keep my attention on the driving. I have a good driving record but am used to driving on the left - although I have driven on the right while on a holiday in the USA a few years ago.
    Passenger may have up to two airline hold size bags and two carry on bags.
    Non-smoker preferred.
    I am a Meyers Briggs INTJ personality and not looking for hassles (who is?)
    Would like to chat before I arrive in Canada in writing at first, then verbally via phone and then webcam for verification of bonafidies.
    Would be good to share petrol/gas.

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