ride wanted from Pittsburgh to Tucson, Saturday, 1 Jul 17

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  • Jul 2017 01 Saturday

    I will be moving from PA to AZ in July and am looking for a ride as far west as anyone is going (there is someone in Tucson who can pick me up at any point on the way). The date is set for July 1 but any time in that month would probably work.

    The only necessary items I have to pack are:
    -my two cats, who go into one carrier. They are both adults and this will not be their first move. They travel very well and make no noise after an initial half hour or so of mewing.
    -a foot locker chest
    -a weight bench that folds flat.

    I have a few other things to move, but if it doesn't fit in your vehicle it can be shipped.

    I am looking to split gas for my duration of the trip. I do have a driver's license and would be willing to do some of the driving. For stops I prefer budget hotels, especially if they're pet-friendly, or possibly camping.

    Any trip that would get me closer to Tucson is appreciated. I am trying to save my friend from driving all the way to PA to help me move.

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