ride wanted from Sydney to Brisbane, Saturday, 6 Jul 13

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Distance between Sydney and Brisbane: 936km; Driving time: 12 hours (Source: Google Maps)

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  • Jul 2015 10 Friday

    Hi!!! We are two funny and bubbly french girls of 19 years old, who are looking for a lift from Sydney to Brisbane. We don't have our driving licence so we could not drive... BUT we are awesome co-pilote. At the moment, we are in Melbourne, but we are going to take a flight to Sydney in the begginning of July so we are looking for a lift (share the price of gazoil and food and our happiness) any around the 10 of july. Boy or girl, we don't care :)

    Hope to hear from one of you soon !!!

    Alexia and Léora

    • Listed Thursday, 18 Jun 15
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