ride wanted from Sydney to Brisbane, Saturday, 6 Jul 13

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Distance between Sydney and Brisbane: 936km; Driving time: 12 hours (Source: Google Maps)

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  • Feb 2015 02 Monday

    Hey Guys

    Im leaving Australia soon and I would like to have a road trip to Brisbane for approximately a week.
    I am Felipe, 28 yo. from Chile, I would like to rent a car and head Brisbane.
    Basically, my itinerary is 3 stops, Foster, Byron Bay and then stay like 3 days in Brisbane or maybe go somewhere else. Who knows! I would like definitely go to Byron Bay and Nimbin o.O.

    So any interested just contact me, phone:963  317  024  0 phone
    Id like to have a good time and share fuel and the car (If I go by myself, it would be so damn expensive)I would like to go with someone to have fun, meet people and know new places!

    Cheer up guys and Ill be waiting someone! hahaha

    • Listed Monday, 19 Jan 15
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