ride wanted from Townsville to Brisbane, Monday, 21 Nov 16

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Distance between Townsville and Brisbane: 1354km; Driving time: 16 hours (Source: Google Maps)

  • Nov 2016 21 Monday

    Hey Guys,

    Luke here, I'm a twenty-one year old University student looking to head down to Brisbane Late November. I need to be there by the 26th (Nov), as I fly out to Vanuatu and then to France as part of a language exchange. I'm happy to leave any date after the 20th (Nov) so long as it's possible to arrive by the 26th.

    I do have a bit of luggage, two suitcases (I'm dragging one suit case full of my Girlfriends stuff all the way to France :) ) and a backpack that'll easily fit on my lap.

    If you're keen to do some sight seeing and the like on the way, that'd be awesome. If not it doesn't really bother me. I'm pretty relaxed with whatever is happening. If you need help driving I have a full license and have been driving a manual car since I got my leaners.

    If anybody is available I can promise you fifty dollars, food and a few stories about my various adventures around the world - for example when I hitchhiked all of Australia a couple of years back. Look forward to hearing from you guys.

    moc.liamg@gadla.h.l eMail

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