Rideshare from Las Vegas to Minneapolis

  • Jun 2018 01 Friday

    SWM - 59 - Retired - Online Student - Saint Leo University (M.A. Theology) - U.S. Army 010  260  02( phone)

    Spring Semester ends 1 May 2016. I am taking the summer off. Daughter's wedding on 17 June 2016 in Minnesota. Flexible on departure (anytime 1 May forward). NON-SMOKER. Good conversationalist: politics, religion, art, current events. I travel light: one small bag or backpack at most.

    Wiling to share fuel cost if you don't have a gas hog.

    Willing to send picture and/or resume.

    Prefer e-mail communication: moc.liamtoh@noskcillugnnylnhoj eMail (will follow-up with phone call)

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