Rideshare in Queensland

posted 2 days ago:

A group of us leaving cairns Tuesday afternoon hoping to arrive in Katherine around Saturday 1st July morning. We have three seats available between two cars, splitting the cost of fuel. Plan on stopping at cool places along the way and staying in free campsites.

posted 4 days ago:

Hiya! WHO WANTS TO ROAD TRIP TO THE MIDDLE OF NO-WHERE?! Ok.. so, myself and my two friends are planning on doing a road-trip. We're in Port Douglas at the moment and we're heading to Kununurra in search of jobs and sunshine. We will be camping along the way and have two cars with space for 4...

posted 1 day ago:

Driving to Sydney tomorrow morning Wednesday 28th June. Please call 0434990372 if you are keen? ID Required. Cost $70

posted 1 day ago:

Driving to Sydney tomorrow morning Wednesday 28th June. Please call 0434990372 if you are keen? ID Required. Cost $70

posted 3 days ago:

Hey, I'm travelling from Brisbane to Cairns with my car and caravan, I plan to do the trip over 4 or 5 days stopping along some spots as we go. I generally stay at camp grounds, scout grounds, beachside areas and other low cost accommodation. I can't offer you a bed but I can offer the use of...

posted 1 day ago:

Happy to share fuel and provide some solid banter.

posted 5 hours ago:

Hi there, I am looking for a lift to Bundaberg Saturday 1st July afternoon as I am working in the morning.

posted 12 hours ago:

I'm female from the UK hoping to find a road tripper with a spare seat for me. Completely flexible on dates I just need to get to Sydney by late July! I drive and looking to see a few places on the way and will pay for may space as well. I'm up for a laugh and have a great taste in music( if I...

posted 12 hours ago:

Megan from the UK looking for a spare seat to Uluru, in a week or so. I have a drivers license and Lots of jokes to keep us going let me know if you have space for me:) If there's other people looking for rides wanting to do the same route I'd be happy to split a car hire for an adventure 😁...

posted 1 week ago:

Hey there, we are two girls looking for a ride down the east coast starting from Cairns. Would be happy to share petro and laughs along the way. Cheers

posted 2 weeks ago:

Hi I am a mature female student from the Gold Coast looking to get out to Tamworth, or nearby in Northern NSW, to stay with a friend out there. I have posted my departure date as the 24th June although I could leave 25th also. I would also need to come back from the surrounding area to the...

posted 1 month ago:

We are 3 women looking for a lift in order to visit cairns and see the great barrier reef

posted 7 months ago:

I am driving from Brisbane -> Sydney -> Melbourne If you are backpacker or on holidays and need a ride, please feel free to introduce yourself! Stay awesome.

posted 3 months ago:

Return to Sydney from Gold coast