Rideshare in Victoria

posted 4 days ago:

Hi, 24yo M looking to hitch a ride home to Horsham, Victoria (practically halfway between Melbourne and Adelaide) I'm looking to leave Melbourne on Monday evening or Tuesday morning. Will pay for petrol, bring snacks and provide good company. Anything to avoid the interstate bus services!

posted 1 month ago:

looking for some pals to travel to Broome with! need to be there no later than the 21st of June! preferably young adults as i am younger myself, would be looking at relocating a hire car so the costs would be pretty minimal!

posted 1 week ago:

Hey, I'm looking for a ride to come back to Sydney.

posted 1 week ago:

Looking to split the cost to get to Cairns and the warm. Open to when I leave so message me if you would like to know more.

posted 3 days ago:

HI, I'm driving up to Sydney on Friday 9th June. I'm looking for preferably a male who is able to share the driving in a manual. It is a small sports car, so not a huge amount of room for luggage and can only have one passenger. I am a gay guy moving to Sydney, would be great to have a companion...

posted 10 months ago:

My name is Tinka, I'm road tripping to Alice Springs from Melbourne/Gippsland in a camper bus. I'm looking for 1-4 travelers to share fuel and driving. Planning to leave soon; about 22 July 2016. No internet so phone for details. Tinka 0487 866 692

posted 1 month ago:

Hi!:) My name is Tina and I come from Slovenia (EU). I am coming to Australia on August 2nd (in Melbourne) and leaving on September 13th (from Sydney). I am planning to climb a lot on my way and my travel plan is something like: staying around Melbourne (Grampians, Arapiles, Great oceanroad etc)...

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